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Top Ten Ways to Enjoy a Snow Day!

January 27 New York Staten Island Top Ten List Trending

Whether you are excited about it or not, the snow season is here New York! Leave behind the huffing and puffing attitude of the snowfall, icy roads, and shoveling. Instead, enjoy this snow day with these 10 ways!

1. Snuggle up and watch movies. There are plenty of weather matching movies you can watch while the flakes cascade down outside: Frozen, Miracle, Ice Castles, Edward Scissorhands…just to name a few. You can even opt in to watch Juno, in honor of the current snowstorm’s name!


2. Become organize. January is National Get Organized month! If you have the day off, take advantage of it and organize something you have been putting off. Tackle the drawers, pantries, or closet! Do something that will last long after the snow has melted.

3. Have a warm beverage. Replace your cup of coffee for today with tea. Try one of the tumblr_nbuj3ts17R1tiyj7vo1_500many flavors you have stored in your cabinet. Get even more experimental by skipping the instant hot cocoa and making your own homemade hot chocolate.

4. Play catch-up. We understand the struggle of never having time to just sit down and read. Use this granted extra time to read a book that has just been sitting on your shelf, or even breeze through that pile of magazines that has been lying around. It is also perfect time to finally clear out your DVR.

5. Pamper yourself! Turn snow days into spa days. Burn your favorite scanted candle, turn on relaxing music, and take a warm bubble bath. Continue to indulge yourself by doing your nails, styling your hair differently, or trying that homemade facial you found on Pinterest.

49048-Snowman-Winter-Cupcakes6. Cook something new. You have survived the hunger games know as “grocery stores before a storm”. Now what to do with all this extra food you brought? Cook up a new dish! Try a recipe you haven’t made yet, or turn an old recipe into a healthy dish to help you stick to your new year’s diet.

7. Get Crafty. Use this day to find out how creative you actually can be: make a scrapbook, bake fancy cupcakes, or even teach yourself a new skill like playing guitar or watercolor painting.

8. Go shopping, online. Yet another thing you can do with all the extra time you have been provided: find the best sales on the Internet! Go on a saving shopping spree and bargain shop!

winter-pictures-tumblr-269. Venture in the snow. As we get older, the excitement for snow is different; it is usually filled with negativity and worrying. Once it is safe to be outdoors again, take a break and just enjoy the white blanket that lies outside! Play with your children or take a careful stroll to enjoy nature. “Bad weather” is only a manmade concept.


10. Instagram it! Everyone will be posting his or her snow day pictures on Instagram! Be distinctive and post a really creative and unique picture of your own.

What do you do on snow days? Share thoughts in the comments below or join our conversation on Facebook!

Check out our Pinterest Top Ten Board for more pictures and how-to links.

Images source: tumblr

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Tech Corner: Apple’s Crack Screen Protection Plan

January 23 Tech Corner Trending Trending TV

A cracked iPhone screen is a situation we have either witnessed first hand, or have seen a friend suffer with. This is a problem we have all become a little too familiar with these days, and Apple has taken notice.

iphone-5s-5c-cracked-screenThe U.S Patent and Trademark Offices have awarded Apple with a patent for a “Protective Mechanism for an Electric Device”. The patent will be incorporated into future iPhones and iPads. The invention will allow the devices to recognize when they are freefalling.

This force of dropping will activate a sensor inside the device that will then calculate an estimated point of impact. Then it will shift the device’s “center of gravity” to avoid damaging sensitive components, like the glass screen or camera lens.

11241-3996-141202-Protect-2-AppleInsiderData will be stored in the memory about the fall, allowing your device to rely on the sensor to monitor the physical device’s activity and position, this way it can improve future accidents.

This patent was granted to Apple 2013, so it looks like we have a little more time to wait. Until this amazing sensor is added to the apple products, keep your current phone safe with these follow tips:

  1. Always have a case and screen protector on your phone.
  2. When leaving your phone in your pocket, make sure it is safely secured. Having it fall out of your pocket never ends well.
  3. If you carrying a handful of items, keep your phone in your bag/pocket, or leave it on the table about you are hands free.

Will this sensor be helpful for your apple phone or tablet? Join our conversation on Facebook.

Image sources: appleinsider

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A Sprawling and Charming Two Family Detached Home For Sale in Elm Park! [105 Sharpe Ave]

January 21 Elm Park Home for Sale Listings Real Estate Staten Island Trending


IMG_0777Does your dream home include a huge backyard perfect for entertaining, a large front yard, and a driveway for plenty of parking? Make that dream a reality with this charming and spacious home in Elm Park! 105 Sharpe Avenue is a two family duplex detached house and it is for sale.

Located on a long residential street, this house has recently been renovated, giving the home so much extra potential! The exterior aspects are vinyl siding with a redone walkway to the petite front porch. There is also a detached two-car garage and long black top driveway, that has also been recently redone and could easily fit up to four parked cars. All the windows have been replaced while the roof was redone in 2011 and 2012 and the siding of the home has been repainted.

IMG_0765The first floor has a formal central zone, two bedrooms, and a tiled bathroom. The very large living room is located parallel from the repainted kitchen. The two bedrooms on this floor are spacious enough to comfortably fit a king sized bed.

The second floor also includes a kitchen and living room, as well as three bedrooms and a bathroom. The living room is average sized with a coat closet and ceiling fan fixture. The very large eat-in kitchen has substantial pantry space, and access to the back porch, that contains a washer and dryer hook up, storage space, and stairs to lead to the ground level of the backyard.

IMG_0766The master bedroom on the second floor has a front yard view and features two closets. The room is vast enough to accommodate a Queen or King sized bed! The second bedroom can also fit a Queen/King sized and has a built-in dresser and closet. Plus, it has a view of the backyard. The third bedroom is ideal for a kid’s room or home office. It will fit a twin-sized bed and has a closet as well.

The full bathroom is bright and includes both a shower and bathtub. This bathroom is where you can access the unfinished attic. It has plenty of room for storage. It is even big enough to be converted into an extra room!

This home also has an expansive unfinished basement. There, you can find the home’s utilities: boiler, hot water heater, and a washer and dryer hook up. There is even an extra room that could make the ideal playroom or family room!

Finally, this home has the most perfect backyard for entertaining parties, like a grand summer barbecue! The backyard is a huge piece of property with a large above ground pool. The deck will make entertaining simple with the built-in outdoor refrigerator and grill.

The features do not end within the home; there are various facilities and amenities around. It is blocks away from Richmond Terrace, making it conveniently close to the Bayonne Bridge and only minutes away from the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. The nearest park is Faber Pool Park. It being so close to Castleton Avenue will leave you surrounded by great restaurants. The schools in the area carter to all grades: P.S.19, P.S.20, P.S.21, I.S.51, Port Richmond High School, and New World Preparatory Charter School. There are also many MTA bus stops in this area if needed: S40, S44, S46, S53, S57, S59, S66, and X10.

For more information on this house, or other Real Estate listings in Staten Island, you can contact Lindsey Mattsson and Gisel Licciardello, licensed Realtors with (718) 966-9669.

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Bright and Cozy Apartment on the Market in Dongan Hills! [83 Vera Street]

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January 20 Co-op Dongan Hills Listings New York Real Estate Trending

1093338-residential-1g57chb-oAre you in search for an apartment? We have a bright and cozy end unit on the market! 83 Vera Street is a two-bedroom residential co-op garden style apartment with its own private entrance.

This apartment is located in Dongan Hills, on a quiet tree lined street. There is a patio and captivating courtyard. Assigned parking is available with a $10 fee per year.



This apartment for sale has been recently renovated with new hardwood and ceramic-tiled floors, new windows, and sliding glass door.

When entering the apartment, into the living room, you will notice the windows let in a gorgeous amount of light. The kitchen has been updated with the ceramic floor tiles and white cabinets with matching countertop and backsplash. Appliances included with this apartment are stove, refrigerator, and microwave.

The bedrooms are a satisfying size. The master bedroom includes the new sliding glass doors. The full bathroom in the apartment has been recently updated.

More about this apartment is that there is a super for your convenience. Maintenance includes everything except electric and cable bill. There is also a laundry room on the premises.

This listing is in an opportune location! It is favorably close to shopping, transportation, and schools. It is only blocks away from Hylan Blvd, leaving your close to all! Last Chance Pond Park is right by the building. There are various schools that cater to all grades within a mile from the apartment: P.S.11, P.S.38, P.S.41, P.S.52, I.S.2, New Dorp High School, St. Ann School, St. Christopher School, St. Margaret School, and Staten Island Academy. The transportation in the area include the S78, S79, and X1 bus stops, as well as the Dongan Hills Station for the Staten Island Railroad.

For more information on this house, or other Real Estate listings in Staten Island, you can contact Mary Sjeime, licensed Realtor with (718) 966-9669.

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Top Ten Sleeping Hacks For The Restless

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January 20 Top Ten List Trending


Is it just us, or do you too find yourself tossing and turning a lot at night? We are all victims of the occasional insomnia. We do all deserve to get the sleep we need, therefore let us avoid the restless nights with these top ten sleeping hacks!

1. Have a set bedtime. It is beneficial to set a formal bedtime both psychologically and physically. Following this bedtime will get your mind to recognize the time and allow it to wind down and relax each night. Be sure you schedule your time for bed to grant you 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night!

2. Create a peaceful sleeping environment. Make your bedroom feel like a comfortable and relaxing place to sleep at night. This means you should separate your workspace from your personal space! Create comfort on your bed by adding pillows and cozy blankets.


3. Ditch the screens. Studies show that we should stop looking at screens at least one hour before we plan to go to sleep. Vow to yourself that you’ll only watch television in the living room and quit checking social media at night.

4. Avoid eating late. Going to bed on a full stomach can actually make your mind work extra to digest the food. Besides the fact that eating late can lead you to eat more calories than you need. If you do get hungry at night, choose the right snacks: toast, cottage cheese, or cashews.


5. Take a hot shower or bath. Taking a hot shower, or bath, two hours before bed can relax your body and get it ready to go to sleep.


6. Relax. Did you have a stressful day? Unwind with the scent of lavender. The smell of lavender has a relaxing effect and can naturally make your tired. You can purchase a spray to spritz some on your pillows, or get a lotion or essential oil for your skin.

7. Drink tea. You should cut caffeine out of your system by 3pm! By the nighttime, indulge in caffeine free tea. We personally enjoy and recommend sleepy time tea before bed. You can find this tea at your favorite grocery store.

8. Read a book. You have ditched your phone and television one hour before bed. Now what? Replace the devices with a book! Be sure if you are reading off an e-reader, to lower the brightness to a reasonable level.

breakfastsleep-300x2359. Keep your room cool and dark. This technique dates as far back to the early humans who slept in cold dark caves. It is found that our body’s temperature naturally drops when you begin to nod off. Make sure your room is cool by turning on fans or the AC on low. Black out any light that would come into your room with a curtain or use a sleeping mask.

10. Wake up earlier. Even if your schedule allows you to sleep late on selected days, try not to choose this option. It will mess up your sleeping schedule you have created. Make an effort to wake up early and go to bed at a reasonable time each night.

If you want extra tips on morning routines, try out our Top Ten Tips for Non-Morning People.

Do you have any additional tips? Share thoughts in the comments below or join our conversation on Facebook!

Check out our Pinterest Top Ten Board for more pictures and how-to links.

Images source: mashable, duskywondersite, tumblr

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A Delightful Townhouse For Sale in Huguenot! [5 Bunnell Court]

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January 19 Home for Sale Huguenot Listings New York Real Estate Staten Island Townhouse Trending

1093268-residential-15ri1tr-oLocated in a quiet and friendly community within Huguenot, there is a nicely kept petite home for sale! 5 Bunnell Court is a residential townhouse with one bedroom and two bathrooms. This home is just perfectly cozy and clean!

Through the entry, you will walk into the living room. This room is in excellent condition. It has hardwood floors, molding, and includes new Pella doors that lead onto the fenced in patio! The patio recently had new concrete work done.

Pass the living room is the eat-in kitchen. With brand new tiled floors, cabinets, and granite countertops, you will be ready to enjoy a home cooked dinner in here! The appliances in the kitchen include refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, washer, and dryer.


The first floor also has a half bathroom.

1093268-residential-12sb8gu-oOn the second floor is the master bedroom and full bathroom. The master bedroom has vaulted ceilings, carpet, and a walk-in closet. There is even stairs in the bedroom to lead you to the third floor loft. This area has a skylight and would make the perfect lounge space or even a home office.

The features do not end within the walls of the home. This home’s location makes it only minutes away from the Grand Oaks Country Club and South Shore Gold Course. If you needed, you can either catch the S74 bus or take the X17 bus to Manhattan. Finally, the schools in the area are P.S.4, P.S.36, P.S.56, and I.S.75.

For more information on this house, or other Real Estate listings like it in Staten Island, you can contact Nicholas D’Amato, licensed Realtor with (718) 966-9669.

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Tech Corner: Say Good-Bye to Charging Myths on Smartphones

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January 16 Tech Corner Trending


It is time to come clean. Everyone has their myths when it comes to charging their phones. We are here to break down the top known myths and tell you the truth about them. Note: these tips work for both Apple and Android phones.

1. “Off-brand chargers do not work”

Off-brand chargers are not the best, but they do work just fine. It is knock off chargers you should avoid.

2. “You should not use your phone while it is charging”

You can use your phone while it is charging. Just as long it is plugged into a legitimate charger, you can use the phone all you want. If it is plugged into a knockoff charger, then you should be careful.

3. “Charging your phone overnight will kill the battery”

Truthfully, you should give your phone more credit. It is smarter than you think. Once your phone is fully juiced, it knows to no longer accept the charge.

4. “You do not need to turn your phone off”

The phone is like us. Do not be mistaken because it is a machine; it needs its rest. You should turn off your phone occasionally to maximize the battery life.

5. “Do not charge your phone until it is completely dead”

Phones have a lithium-ion battery. This means that the battery works better when it is charged. If you constantly let your battery drain to 0%, the battery will become unstable.

Here are the facts! Now go and make the most of your phone!


Do you have any helpful tips to expand your phone’s life? Join our conversation on Facebook.

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A Fully Renovated High Ranch Home For Sale [43 Toddy Ave]

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January 14 Home for Sale Listings New Springville New York Real Estate Staten Island Trending

1093342-residential-1ehkp7t-oThere is a beautiful and fully renovated one family detached high ranch home for sale. This dime in a dozen is located in New Springville and is worth the look at!

43 Toddy Ave has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and is located on a residential street. It is half vinyl and half aluminum with a brand new roof. The exterior also features a built in garage and driveway that fits up to one car. There is also plenty of on street parking if needed.

1093342-residential-1wbnv57-oThe home has two floors and it all begins in the entryway. The first floor has porcelain-tiled floors throughout. There is the amazing family room, which contains a brick mantle fireplace, large windows, and recessed lighting. The family room even has a sliding door that accesses the oversized backyard.

Also on the first floor are a quarter bathroom and a laundry room with a washer and dryer.

Up the dark wooden stairs, you enter onto the second floor. Walk into the hardwood floor living room and dining room combination. These rooms have both a hanging light fixture, perfect for have above your dining room table, and recessed lighting. The custom kitchen is a dream come true to the family member who loves to cook! With matching white cabinets and countertops, a backsplash, and stainless appliances, you will be ready to cook up your favorite recipe. The kitchen also has a breakfast bar, hardwood floors, and hanging light fixtures.


All three bedrooms are also on the second floor. They are all large rooms with hardwood floors and windows that allow in a massive amount of natural light. Finally, the full bathroom is located by the three bedrooms.

New Springville is a convenient neighborhood to live in! There are tons of schools within a mile of the home: P.S.60, P.S.69, I.S.72, CSI High School for International Studies, Moore Catholic High School, and Rabbi Jaccob Joseph School or Jewish Foundation School. The nearest park by this home is Willowbrook Park. Located only blocks away from Richmond Ave, you will be steps away from many restaurants and shops, as well as bus stops: S44, S59, S94, and X17.

For more information on this house, or other Real Estate listings in Staten Island, you can contact Ginger Russell, licensed Realtor with (718) 966-9669.

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A Quaint One Family Semi-Attached Home in Richmond Town! [139 Cotter Ave]

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January 13 Home for Sale Listings Real Estate Richmondtown Staten Island Trending

1093294-residential-zki9p-oStart making your own memories! 139 Cotter Ave is on the market and ready for you to purchase today. This quaint and cozy one family semi-attached colonial home is located on a two way street in Richmond Town. The exterior is half brick and half vinyl with a driveway that fits up to two cars.

The three-bedroom and three-bathroom home will make the perfect starter home for new homeowners, or just a fantastic move for your family. It is just waiting for you to add your personal touches!

The first room to greet you upon entrance is living room-dining room combination. This open layout has wall-to-wall carpeting and a large window. There is a hanging light fixture to accompany your dining table.

1093294-residential-1nojrsz-oPast the stairs that lead to the other floors in this home is the large eat-in kitchen. There is plenty of storage space in this kitchen with the dark wooden cabinets that are paired nicely with the white countertops and tiled floors. The appliances, refrigerator and oven, are black; along with the white accessories, this gives the kitchen a classic look. The eat-in space is roomy enough to fit in a television and couch! The kitchen also includes sliding doors to the backyard. Get ready to entertain in the summer! The backyard spotlights the deck and shed.

Do not forget that the first floor has a half bathroom and access to the basement. The basement is full finished and has a laundry room that includes a washing machine and 1093294-residential-1jz3xar-odryer. The basement also has a bathroom that has a stand up shower.

The three bedrooms can be found on the top floor. The master bedroom is spacious and has “his and hers” closets. The second bedroom is sizeable with a closet while the third bedroom will make the ideal home office or baby room! The full bathroom is on this floor as well and has a Jacuzzi bathtub.

The neighborhood includes various amenities perfect for you and your family! Here is what is around within a mile from139 Cotter Ave. The schools are P.S.23, P.S.32, P.S.37, P.S.50, P.S.53, St. Patrick’s School, The Tanglewood School, St. Charles School, and Monsignor Farrell High School. The LaTourette golf course, Evergreen Park, and Lighthouse Hill are all by this home. The transportation options include S57, S54-S74 limited, and the Bay Terrace and Oakwood Heights station for the Staten Island Railroad.

For more information on this house, or other Real Estate listings in Staten Island, you can contact Michael Martin, licensed Realtor with (718) 966-9669.

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Top Ten Home Decorating Trends for 2015!

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January 13 Top Ten List Trending

New year, new home decorating trends! Pantone has announced that 2015’s “Color of the Year” is Marsala! Yet, the biggest decorating trend we have seen is white walls being accessorized with the color blue. Do not worry though! We have gathers all of this year’s top ten trends you are going to want to include into your home when decorating this year!

87e0b4ea956f0594b43d428af166bce41. Open floor plan. You should have a flow from the living room, dining room, to the kitchen. If knocking down walls is not in the renovating plans, you can simply accomplish this by keeping the spaces themed with a themed color and matching floors.

2. Mix & Match. Make your entertaining and dining spaces friendly with mismatched seating. The television show ‘Friends’ is a great example of this trend. Just look at Central Perk or Monica’s apartment that features the mismatched seating.

mix and match

3. Design your utility room. These rooms are usually ignored when it comes to decorating. Maybe this is why laundry day remains an unfavorable day. This year, focus on making the laundry room a desirable and cozy spot where you will want to get your chores done!

Laundry Room

4. Let in gorgeous light. Natural light will keep you sane and happy. Especially during these winter months. You can install extra windows into a room, or just simply choose sheer curtains over full fabric curtains.

5. Paint the ceiling. Leaving the walls white and only painting the ceiling a color will allow the room to appear taller. This can also be completed by painting the ceiling a darker shade from the wall’s color.

painted ceiling


6. Dipped frames. This is an adorable DIY project. Purchase matching frames and dip only the bottoms of the frame into paint. The result is quite stunning and creates a neat look.

Dipped frames

7. Fireplace decor. If your home has a fireplace, add a subtle pop of color to it! Just paint the inside of the fireplace to create dimension.84c5f081f2ec9e5e94cb732562a4cf13

8. Embroidered pillows. Go overboard with throw pillows! Mix and match the various prints and sizes. Add these decorative pillows to couches and beds.

9. Small-scale chandelier. Overhead lighting can either set the mood or, if not done correctly, can be a mood killer. Opt-in for a petite chandelier, or set of lights, to add over the dining tables to keep focus on the candles or centerpiece arrangements.

10. Be our guest! When people stay over your home for the night, they are going to except comfort. Set up the ideal guest room in your home. You can base it off of your favorite hotel room’s design. Just be sure you include comfortable bedding, closet space, Wi-Fi information, and a charging station.

Guest Room

What 2015 home decorating trend will you incorporate into your home? Share thoughts in the comments below or join our conversation on Facebook!

Check out our Pinterest Top Ten Board for more pictures and how-to links.

Images source: pinterest

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