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Tech Corner: Best Apps For Shoppers

November 21 Tech Corner Trending

The holidays are in the air and Black Friday is just a week away! While the deals on Black Friday may be tempting you to leave your Thanksgiving festivities early, you can instead op to use applications on your phone and websites to help you find the best of deals for gifts! Just download to your iOS device or android and save money this holiday season!



Red Laser

All you need to do with this app is use the built in barcode scanner to scan the desired item you plan on purchasing. It will give you all the retail information for that item, including prices from online and in store retailers. This way you can make the purchase in the store that sells it for less!



Not only does this app have the barcode scanner, it also helps you shop sales and discounts! Tell ShopSavvy what you are looking for and it will inform you when the item is on sale or has a coupon. Now that is indeed shopping savvy!





Retail Me Not

This app shares coupons and sales information from retail shops nearby your current location. You can even create bookmarks of your favorite stores. This way, you can always get alerted when they are slashing prices. This application also has a traditional website you can visit when shopping online, or mapping out your day’s shopping plans.



PriceJump by

This app is for iOS devices only (sorry droids). PriceJump informs you whether Amazon has the lower price for an item. It will provide you with the information on where you can get it cheaper: a thrifty local store, Amazon, or another online store.

What is the shopping app you like the most? Help fellow shoppers find awesome discounts! Join our conversation on Facebook.

Image sources: redlaser, shopsavvy, retailmenot, pricejump

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New Smartphone App Sends Complaints Straight to Borough President

November 21 Economy New York News Special Report Staten Island Trending

BP AssistTired of the same old 311 system? Now you can skip the “call” button altogether.

The new BP Assist App, available for iOS and Android users, allows Staten Island residents to submit quality of life issues to Borough Hall through a modern platform. Community concerns such as graffiti, potholes, and problem traffic lights can be submitted electronically from these devices.

App users select from a drop-down list the option which best describes their complaint. Then, their location is detected and they are given the option to submit a photo. Then, their complaint is followed up with notifications that provide the status of the service request.

Oddo says that the system will be monitored more efficiently than 311 calls. Instead of getting lost in the shuffle, the borough president explained that complaints will reach staff directly.

In addition to having an easy platform to submit public complaints, users will also receive relevant notifications from the city regarding pertinent issues like traffic blockage and school closures. Users will have the option to display their complaints publicly on a map or to keep if private for Borough Hall staff only. For those who prefer to speak to a representative directly, a “call us” button will direct you to the phone lines of the borough president’s office.

While Staten Island residents can use this software to keep their neighborhoods safe and clean, visitors are also provided with neighborhood guides to some of the best events and landmarks that Richmond County has to offer. In addition, links to city social media pages, the official website, and contact info are readily accessible. There is also an option to sign up for their mailing list.

Monitored by developers at PublicAssist, the app was implemented to cater to our increasing reliance on mobile technology. The Borough President’s office hopes that this technology will further establish Staten Island as an ideal and thriving home for growing tech companies.

A video demo for the BP Assist App can be found here.

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Discount Decor: Ornate European Bath

November 19 Discount Decor Economy Luxury Homes

Have you ever seen a French painting, an Italian film, or a Russian restaurant which struck you by its sophisticated style? We have Europeans to thank for much of our culture, education, and of course, home decorating inspirations. Known for their chic taste in fashion and decorating, their styles are well worth imitating. A classy, polished bath which is reminiscent of old-world European decor can be extremely relaxing for you, and impressive for your guests!

.1. Crystal Candle Light Fixture

.There are plain light fixtures, and then there are sparkling stately ones. Your bath will certainly stand out from the rest with the use of crystal accents. Thankfully, with the advent of electricity, an electric candle will stay bright in the long-term and there’s no dripping wax. Combine the beauty of old-fashioned candles with the functionality of light bulbs, and install one of these on each side of your mirror. Get the royal touch for $87 from Bellacour. A little bit story book? Perhaps, but who says it isn’t nice to escape once in awhile?

.2. Gilded Rectangular Mirror

.As one of the main pieces that draw your attention when you enter the restroom, an elegant mirror can really make a statement. Hanging a mirror adorned in scrolling metal around the edges adds plenty of antique glamour to your bath. Your reflection will be glowing in this ethereal beveled mirror from, and for under $200, it’s a great investment.

.3. French Shower Curtain

.Ou est le bain? The bath, that is, will be concealed behind a swirly grey and white French shower curtain, which provides a lovely backdrop behind some of the statement pieces without overpowering the design flow. It is common for retailers to overcharge for anything with “French” on the label, because of the reputation for quality and artistry. But we did find an array of cute French shower curtains available online, such as this one from Cynthia Rowley, which is offered by an Ebay supplier for around $30 as opposed to hundreds!

.4. Regal Fleur de Lis Bath Mat

.And of course, the savvy decorator never neglects the floor. With all that traffic from dirty feet and splashed water, you need an attractive quality piece that won’t stain easily to cover the tiles while you towel off or brush your teeth. This inexpensive flour-de-lis bath mat from New Egg is so beautiful, your eyes will be drawn to its intricate patterns while you’re sitting on… well… you know.

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‘Godfather’ home in Todt Hill is on the market

November 19 Economy History Home for Sale Home Value Housing Market Luxury Homes New York News Real Estate Special Report Staten Island Todt Hill Trending

Fans of the Frances Ford Coppola crime drama classic The Godfather are abuzz with the news that a home from the film set is now up for sale.

That is why local real estate agents are trying to determine which showing requests for 110 Longfellow Avenue are serious as they attempt to filter out the aficionados who just want a peek inside. The extravagant English Tudor home is currently listed by Conni Profaci Realty for a cool $2.895 million.

Nestled in affluent Todt Hill among other multi-million dollar properties, this 6,248 square foot home is used in the opening scene of the 1972 film involving the marriage of Don Vito Corleone’s daughter.

The interior was not actually used for the indoor film sets, as the filmmakers preferred to use studio locations to create the antique, brooding feel of the mobster film. It was however renovated in 2012 to resemble the rooms used in the original set. Included is new gourmet breakfast nook, a revamped mafia-esque study, a saltwater pool and a finished basement with an “English pub” and “man cave.”

Built in 1930, the home has only been sold once since the making of the film, fetching $1.688 million when the current owners purchased it in 2012. Properties in the Todt Hill area have shot up in value recently, with their median sale price climbing over 80% in the past year alone.

The grounds span an amazing 24,000 square feet, making this estate’s size a rarity in New York City. But don’t be nervous- criminals won’t have much room to hide from the home’s full security system, so you’ll be unlikely to wake up with a nasty surprise in your bed.

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Top Ten Ways to Decorate Your Work Desk

November 18 Top Ten List Trending

Your home is personalized to fit your taste and lifestyle, so why not have your workspace promote the same feeling? Make your work area motivating, energetic, and productive with these creative decorating tips!

Laptop Lifter1. Keep your computer at eye level. Slouching all day is not good for your back and neck. If you work on a laptop, place it on top of books or invest in a handy laptop lifter. If you work on a desktop, get a stand for the monitor.

2. Have a unique calendar. Organize your deadlines, meetings, and events on a calendar that expresses you! Blotter calendars come in different colors, or choose from the variety of hanging calendars just in time for the New Year.

3. Personalize your desktop. Add a picture of your favorite work of art, a dream vacation location, or a motivating quote. Let your desktop inspire you, just as long as it is work appropriate!

Potted Plants


4. Add plants. Whether they are real plants, or faux, some flora will keep your desk looking lively. Succulents are great because they do not need much care and will not irritate your co-workers who have allergies.

5. Fix the lighting. Fluorescent lights are very draining and dull. If your desk/cubicle is not located in a spot that gets a lot of natural sunlight, add a lamp to your desk. You can even try adding white Christmas lights that do not flicker. Just make sure these additions fit within the atmosphere of your working environment.

6. Give your desk a “home sweet home” feel. Decorate your work space by adding framed pictures of your family, a chair cushion or throw pillow, and buy an air freshener with a scent that reminds your of home.

Homey desk

7. Create a vision board. On this board, add motivating words of advice, inspirational enhanced-buzz-23213-1412193339-13quotes, or even images to remind you of your goal. This will be especially helpful for when you are working on a deadline, or just on a bad or stressful day.

8. Stay organized! Get trays and colorful hanging folders to stay organized. Some offices may provide these supplies, but they tend to usually be plain. Try adding washi tape to them on your lunch break for some personal flare.

9. DIY Backdrop. It is a known fact that cubicles do not usually come in the most attractive of colors. Invest in fabric or wallpaper to add as a backdrop to the ordinary walls. You can also try this if you have a file cabinet. Do you not have a cubicle? Add some confetti to the wall around your by simply cutting circles out of patterned or colored paper.


10. Let your desk define you! While staying professional, you can still add a little personal flair. Maybe a desk toy or two? The rubix’s cube is our personal favorite. A bobblehead or pop vinyl of your favorite character, animal, or sports team is another good idea. Just be sure not to clutter you desk!

tumblr_dwight bobblehead

What are some ways to make your desk personal? Share thoughts by joining our conversation on Facebook!

Check out our Pinterest Top Ten Board for more pictures and how-to links.

Images source: buzzfeed, hellogiggles, tumblr, lovelyindeed

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Upcoming Staten Island Events on Thanksgiving Week!

November 17 New York News Staten Island Trending Trending TV Upcoming Events Video

November 24 – 26– Thunderbird American Indian Dancers

November 28– Inside Amy Schumer Backdoor Tour

November 29– Tony Bennett Live

November 29 & 30– Thanksgiving Kitchen Tours

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An Exquisite One-Family Condo within a Friendly Community [919 West Fingerboard Road]

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November 14 Condos Grasmere Home for Sale Listings Real Estate Staten Island Trending

CHL Kevin

Stonegate Community is located in the neighborhood of Grasmere and is full of desirable condominiums, including 919 West Fingerboard Road. The 3-bedroom, 4-bathroom one family home for sale is charming and ready for you to fill it with your memories!

The part brick home is situated inside a friendly neighborhood, along a tree-lined street. The home has a one-car garage and a driveway that can fit two-cars, as well as parking spaces within the community.  The two-floor condo also includes a basement, private spacious backyard, and bathrooms that have been newly tiled with a warranty!

On the first floor is the central zone. The living room-dining room combination would be ideal for family gatherings! The living room is cozy with a large window that lets in an exceptional amount of natural sunlight. The dining room has a hanging light fixture. Just imagine your priceless chandelier or pendant light hanging in that space. These rooms also have carpeted flooring.

The modern eat-in kitchen has new stainless steel appliances: refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave. The appliances go together with the wooden cabinetry and wide countertops that will be ideal to cook-up your family recipes! The cabinets are ideal for storage. Let us not forget the spacious eat-in area and access to the long balcony that over looks the community’s treetop landscape. The first floor also has a half bathroom.

The banisters for the staircases are unique from the other condos in this community. While the others feature a steel banister, this home has a wooden banister!

The second floor is the location of the master bedroom, two additional modest bedrooms, and a full bathroom. The master bedroom en-suite is sizeable with a his-and-her closet and private ¾ bathroom! The full bathroom features the new tiles and a beautiful vanity. You can add your own finishing personal touches to this powder room.

The basement has access to the garage and backyard. It also has a half bathroom and an exquisite family room with a beautiful built-in fireplace. Now doesn’t that just sound homey and quintessentially ready for you to move in as soon as possible?!

The home’s attractions expand past the four walls and roof. Naples Playground is only minutes away from the house and the community has a in-ground swimming pool. There are a handful of schools in the neighborhood: P.S.39, P.S.46, P.S.48, P.S.57, Academy of St. Dorothy, St. Sylvester School, Concord High School, and St. Joseph Academy. This neighborhood also has a variety of transportation provided by the MTA: S53, S74, S76, S78, S79, and the Grasmere stop on the Staten Island Railroad.


For more information on this house, or other Real Estate listings in Staten Island, you can contact Crystal Mestres, licensed Realtor with, at (718) 966-9669.

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Tech Corner: Must Have Apps to Organize Your Day!

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November 14 Staten Island Tech Corner Trending

Our phone already comes with a variety of built in applications that are suppose to help us stay organized throughout the day. While they are indeed helpful, other application companies have invented more functional ones that you must download and give a try today!


You no longer have to loss out on awesome articles you came across but could not read at the moment. Pocket will allow you to save stories you do not want to miss. Pocket will install an extension in your web browser. When you’re looking at an article you’d like to read later, all you need to do is just click a button and the article is sent to the app! The app also allows easy sharing between your social networks and friends! Pocket is free and available for iPhone and android.


Sunrise is the ultimate organizational app for a user who is Google (android) and apple friendly. This calendar app is a perfect alternate to the original iPhone calendar. Sunrise syncs with Google calendar and Facebook events, as well as other calendar formats. Plus, the design stands out and is easy to use! It is also free and can be found on iTunes, Google Play Store, and Mac’s App Store!


While the reminders app on apple devices and reminders section in Google calendar are helpful, Wunderlist is a better replacement. This app can become your own personal pocket-sized assistant! It allows you to make list, create reminders, and share with your friends, family, and co-workers. You can even assign task to a person or group. This app is available for all iOS devices, Android, and Windows 8.

Weather Underground

It can be difficult to choose from all the weather applications that are available. Hopefully this will make your decision simpler! Weather Underground provides you with the most in-depth weather data for your current location. It even has widgets for your iOS 8, Android, and websites!

What apps do you have to keep your organized? Add to this story and join our conversation on Facebook!

Image sources: Pocket, Sunrise, Wunderlist, Weather Underground

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A Charming Grymes Hill Home Full of Potential! [473 Howard Ave]

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November 12 Grymes Hill Home for Sale Listings New York Staten Island Trending

CHL Kevin

If you are looking for a luxurious home with an amazing view of the New York Harbor and Verrazano Bridge, look no further! 473 Howard Ave is a one family detached home on the market that is ready for you to move into and add your finishing touches to. This 4-bedroom, 5 bathroom home was built in the 1960s and sits within the heart of Staten Island’s beautiful neighborhood of Grymes Hill. It is located on a quiet street with gorgeous scenery.

The house sits on a 12,320 square foot lot, and has a front, back, and side yard. The home’s exterior is brick and is accompanied by a beautiful landscape. Not only does the home have a 2 garage and driveway that holds up to 4 cars, you can also park on the street.

Walk through the front door and you enter into the large foyer, which showcases the luxurious spiral staircase. There is an angelic chandelier hanging from the ceiling to complete the sumptuousness style.

Past the entry way and to the left is the immense living room. This widespread room includes extremely large and wide windows that let in gorgeous natural sunlight. Towards the rear of the home, is the dining room and kitchen. The formal dining room also features extra broad windows, and provides the view of the harbor and bridge. It will set the scene perfectly for your future dinner parties. The eat-in kitchen also shares the same amazing view and has a door to access the backyard. The first floor also has a voluminous full bathroom.

All four bedrooms, including the master bedroom, are on the second floor. The master bedroom en suite is exquisitely lovely. It consists of a fireplace, skylight, and walk-in closet. It also has its own private full bathroom. The other three bedrooms are delicately roomy and charming while also having the benefit feature of the magnificent view. There is a separate full bathroom on the second floor that has a Jacuzzi tub.

This home also has a basement! It is a full-unfinished basement, which is ready for you to customize. Upon entering the basement from its own private side yard entrance, you walk into a very spacious room that can soon be your man cave or family room. The second room in the basement is large and will make the perfect guest bedroom! The basement also has a ¾ bathroom and laundry room.

This house has potential and will allow you to expand the walls of your imagination. Take the opportunity to turn this handy man special into the home sweet home of your dreams!

You can be close to all when moving into the property. You will be only minutes away from two of Staten Island’s parks: Silver Lake Park and Golf Course as well as Clove Lake Park. Do not forget the various schools in this neighborhood: PS.14, P.S.35, P.S.57, I.S.49, Concord High School, Notre Dame Academy elementary and high school, and St. Sylvester School. Wagner College and St. John’s University are also nearby. While the Staten Island Expressway and Verrazano Bridge are just a minutes drive away, there is also transportation provided by the MTA: S66 and S74. For a better view of the neighborhood, watch the video below:

For more information on this house, or other Real Estate listings in Staten Island, you can contact Jimmy Samaha, licensed Realtor with, at (718) 966-9669.

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An Expansive Apartment on the Market by Coney Island! [458 Neptune Avenue]

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November 12 Brooklyn Co-op Listings New York Trending

If you are looking for the perfect Brooklyn apartment, look no further! In the upbeat neighborhood of Brighton Beach, there is a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom co-op on the market. Envision being just steps away from the beach, boardwalk, and all the shopping and entertainment imaginable! Once inside the Trump Village Estates, you will forget that it is an apartment. Let us explore all 1,144 square feet of it!

Entering into 458 Neptune Avenue, apartment 9P, you will walk into the living room-dining room combination. These rooms feature beautiful hardwood flooring, a hanging light fixture, and access onto the apartment’s terrace. On that terrace, you have a lovely view of the ocean and you can experience the beautiful Coney Island lights at night. Down the foyer, or pass the dining room, you will discover the galley kitchen.

The three bedrooms are very expansive for an apartment. They each have a closet and windows that let in gorgeous light. The bedrooms are located pass the two bathrooms: one full bathroom and one half bathroom.

This apartment spotlights its ocean view and consists of plenty of closet space throughout. The features do not stop within the apartment. Brighton Beach is a great location! You will be close to all: from parks, schools, to transportation, and the beach. The nearby schools are P.S.100, P.S.370, I.S.303, and Abraham Lincoln High School. While there are many playgrounds in this neighborhood, Century Playground is walking distance and the closet from the apartment. You will also only be two blocks away from Coney Island Beach and Boardwalk! The transportation in the area, provided by the MTA, is the B1, B4, B36, B68, and subway stations for F and Q.

For more information on this co-op, or other Real Estate listings in Staten Island, you can contact Irena Popilesky, licensed Realtor with, at (718) 966-9669.

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