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Tech Corner: Go Go Coffee Gadgets!

October 24 News Tech Corner Trending

For many of us, morning coffee is a must! For some, one cup will just not cut it; we understand. This week in our Tech Corner, we have rounded up a list of coffee gadgets you can use on the go- so now you can ditch the “do not talk to me until I have my coffee” line.

Touch Sensor Mug

This thermos has a LED temperature indicator; using the warmth of your touch, the thermos will activate the screen to display the temperature of your beverage. The high-tech container will also show a colored light revealing the drink temperature: blue meaning cool, orange indicating warm, and red for hot liquid! It is powered by two AA batteries and can be found on Amazon. If the screen did not draw you in to make this purchase, the thermos also has an airtight cover and a heart shaped on the bottom for writing cute messages.

Get your Coffee On-The-Go!

If you are running late, or just do not want to wait in long coffee shop lines, you can now make your coffee on the go! Hanipresso is the ultimate must-have coffee gadget. This portable espresso machine is small enough to fit in a cup holder, and can be charged using the car’s charging port. The

Hanipresso (pictured on the left) is $199. If this is too pricey for your budget, you can consider the Minipresso (the picture is to the right). This 7 inch device is also compact and can brew up to 1.7 ounces of coffee for each cycle. It can make coffee, espresso, or an extra-strong double shot coffee. This is not available until next year but it can be pre-ordered now for $39.

One puck


Once you have your thermos and your on-the-go coffee maker, all you need is your coaster. This coaster gadget not only provides a surface to rest your fresh, hot Cup-of-Joe, but can also charge your phone! The heat from your coffee gives the coaster energy to charge your phone. And if you are more of an iced coffee drinker, it also works with cold beverages!


Now: Go out and get your caffeine fix, the Tech Corner way! 

Which is your favorite gadget? Join our conversation on Facebook.

Sources:, amazon, wacaco, pinterest

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Abandoned Warehouse will Reopen As Tech Startup Office

October 23 Economy New York News Real Estate Special Report Staten Island Trending

A neglected metal warehouse on 75 Clinton Street has been revamped with plans to host startup companies and space for artists.

Termed “Techbox”, the small Stapleton building had been abandoned for over ten years and was falling into disrepair before it was purchased by investor John Salis. The doors are slated to open in December.

Salis responded to demands from entrepreneurs who complained about the lack of available space for startups.

“I’m hoping to keep these good brains on Staten Island,” Salis stated in an interview with DNAInfo. “They don’t have to take the ferry anymore.”

He also took notice of the demand for shared art space after learning that all vacancies had been filled at the nearby SIABC. Salis has reserved a number of studios in the building for rehearsal space and work rooms for visuals artists.

The renovated building, with a regal concrete-front, wrought iron door, and exposed brick inside, has private offices and a communal space for meetings. Community events will also be hosted here, such as web development workshops.

Techbox will join the SIABC, SI MakerSpace, Urban Ready Living, and other high-tech community based organizations on Staten Island’s North Shore. Modern developments will also be added to the anticipated New York Wheel, including four “bar cars” where riders can drink while enjoying the scenery and mobile 20-seat restaurant. Construction on The Wheel began this past Friday.

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Discount Decor: Asian Bedroom Inspirations

October 22 Discount Decor Economy Special Report

Whether you are wind down in the bedroom at the end of the day, or waking up to greet the day, your bedroom should be the place where you achieve inner peace. Sometimes, looking to other cultures for inspiration can grow both your world view and your own understanding of your personal taste. Asian culture and design speaks wisdom, comfort, and zen. However, exotic items are often marked up. Below are several design ideas to use if you enjoy oriental decor and saving money.

1. Red Flowered Bedspread

The bed’s comforter is usually the focal piece of the room, and the color pallet for the rest of the space revolves around the design you choose. In Japanese culture, cherry blossoms are highly important, symbolizing rebirth and change. A cherry blossom bedspread can channel this energy and help refresh you for a new day. Head to Macy’s and you will find this lovely complete set for an amazing $60 instead of hundreds.

2. Asian Table Lamp

Instead of switching on a traditional bedside lamp when you cozy into bed with your favorite book, take a look at these ebony wooden framed lantern-style lights to perch on your nightstand. These two lamps are very similar and are reminiscent of a classy Japanese restaurant. Set the mood with this pagoda lamp from World Market, which is less than half the price of the already discounted lamp from Bellacor.

3. Simple Brown Floral Area Rug

Asian decorating is known for using simple motifs that make a strong statement. Adding an area rug with twining floral accents help establish a wistful, serene mood in the bedroom. Choosing a brown area rug with simple floral designs easily compliments the more complex pieces in the room, and the dark color is practical since it does not show dirt easily. On you can find this rectangular floral area rug for $234, which is quite alike in appearance to this rug from Home Decorators Collection- saving you nearly $800.

4. Cherry Blossom Curtains

To compliment the bedspread, hanging sheer cherry blossom curtains over the windows ornament the room cheerfully. It’s like wall art for your windows. Gain privacy without closing off the sunlight with these white floral curtains, which can be had for a mere $20 from Collections Etc. Exotic hand-painted oriental curtains can run into the hundreds.


5. Privacy Screen

Just like old-fashioned dressing rooms used stand up privacy screens, you can have one of your very own in the bedroom, whether for practical use or decoration only. Set up a four-paneled Asian privacy screen in an empty corner for a unique, worldly decoration. Just because these items are uncommon does not mean that they will drain your wallet- an authentic-looking four paneled Asian privacy screen can be had for around $60.

Interested in other decorating ideas? Join our conversation on Facebook, or browse our main real estate site!

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Top Ten Ideas for a Halloween Party

October 21 Contests and Events Staten Island Top Ten List Trending

Halloween falls on a Friday this year! Obviously this means we shall all have an unhindered night of spooktacular fun, right? YES! If your group of friends do not have any plans just yet, be the one to throw a Halloween party, the and TrendingSINY way! Here are the top ten things you will need for a purrfect party:

1. Pick a theme. This is an important step. You will need to figure out what the theme of your party should be. Do you want the home to be haunted and filled with zombies, mummies, and vampires? Or do you prefer to throw a modern Halloween themed party with pumpkins, witches, and ghost décor? The only limit is your imagination! Once you settle on what you want, you can design the party around that idea.

2. Enter, if you dare! The first thing guests will see are your outdoor decorations. Make sure your front lawn is dressed for the occasion with a cemetery, ghoulish figures, and spider webs! If you need some inspiration, check out our Halloween Decorating Ideas, or visit our Facebook page to be inspired by the Best-Dressed Halloween Home Decorating contestants!


3. Deck the halls with haunts and scares. Once you are satisfied with the outdoor decorations, it is time to decorate the inside of your home! Only focus on rooms you will be holding the party in. Set the Halloween mood indoors with lanterns, banners, balloons, cut outs, spiderwebs, lighting, and, of course, decorative pumpkins.

4. How to creatively block off rooms. Control where the party goes by keeping people out of rooms they do not belong in with some crafty ideas. Try using caution tape, or police “do not enter” tape to block off a room that is considered a “crime scene of a murder”! Or go with the zombie theme and block off rooms with wooden boards, declaring with signs that the “living dead are inside” and mortals must stay out.

5. Keep guests on the ground level. Do not want wandering guest to enter the second floor? There is a creative way you can keep them out of there too. Try adding a staircase display. Add tool cloth, leaf garlands, spider webs, and “do not cross” tape. Give it an extra creep factor by adding fake mice, decorative body parts and skeleton bones.

6. Care for a bite? Make your food table as decorative as everything else. Have a centerpiece, use tablecloths, and themed party plates, cups, and napkins.

7. Trick or treats! Let us not forget about the Halloween-themed food you can serve: from mummified hot dogs, to graveyard pudding!

8. Witches Brew. Why not mix Halloween-themed drinks for the adults as well? Serve them in a cauldron, or give your pitcher a fancy name, such as “Carrie’s Blood”, “Zombie Virus”, “Polyjuice Potion”, or “eyeball punch”.

9. Watch your back. Make sure your guests do not have a place to hide from your Halloween spirit. Decorate the bathroom too! Some the best horror movies have a bathroom kill! This can be accomplished with decorative towel, mirror paint, and even a scary “psycho” shower curtain.

10. Party Tunes. No party is complete without a playlist! Mix your entire Halloween playlist in with your Top 40 tunes.

Now your party is ready to begin!

What are some of your Halloween party ideas? Share your thoughts by joining our conversation on Facebook!

Check out our Pinterest Top Ten Board for more pictures and how-to links.

Images source: blogspot, pinterest, catchmyparty


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Upcoming Staten Island Events: Week of Halloween

October 20 New York News Contests and Events Staten Island Trending Trending TV Upcoming Events Video

Featured this week:

October 30th– Halloween Home Decorating Contest Winner Announced

October 31st– Live Halloween Show at 580 Woolley Ave

Ocober 30th and 31st– “The Littlest Witch”

October 31st– Halloween at Historic Richmondtown

October 31st– After Dark Cemetery Ghost Tour

November 1st– “Untold Stories of Lighthouse Horrors”

November 1st– Art Lab Masquerade Party Fundraiser

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Tech Corner: FBI Fears New Smartphone’s Settings

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October 17 News Tech Corner Trending

For everyday iPhone users, the main concern they have for their new iPhone 6 is if it may bend in their pocket; the instance of which is highly unlikely despite the rumors. But for the FBI, their concerns range wider. Apple, and even Google, has made their new software pretty difficult to crack and law enforcement is not happy about this.

New smartphone operating systems have a new and powerful encryption setting that is making it much harder for law enforcement and surveillance groups, such as the FBI and NSA, to access user’s email, photos, and contacts. This is leading the FBI Director, James Comey, to believe Apple and Google’s new privacy standards could enable criminal activity.

During a press conference, Comey states that it will take “more than five and half years to try all combinations of a six-character alphanumeric passcode with lowercase letters and numbers”. He also states his concerns that “these companies marketing something expressly to allow people to hold themselves above the law”.

He even went as far as placing blame on new technology for hindering federal bureau investigations, causing families to be let down while searching for kidnappers because contents on the victims’ phone cannot be decoded. He goes on to state that the updates in operating systems will prevent law enforcement from stopping terrorists.

Comey believes that Americans do not trust the government. He criticizes the public for their beliefs that government officials access personal messages and emails sent, claiming this is false. He comments of this fear and mistrust by declaring “it is time we have a debate on security and liberty.” But are Comey’s arguments in this conference valid?

Apple and Google have dismissed Comey’s exaggerated claims by stating that access to information, such as geolocation information, call logs, emails, iCloud storage, and other data from different carriers can easily be granted with a police warrant.

Technology companies were not the only ones to make a comment. Laura Murphy, head of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Washington legislative office, released a public statement on the organization’s website, stating “Comey is wrong in asserting that law enforcement cannot do its job while respecting Americans’ privacy rights. Indeed, the federal law explicitly protects the rights of companies to add encryption with no back door.” The Center for Democracy and Technology president, Nuala O’Connor agrees. She explained that law enforcement agents already have plenty of other means to get stored data from devices. She says that “weakening the security of smartphones and trusted communications infrastructure should not be one of them.”

What do you think about this situation? Join our conversation on Facebook and share your beliefs!

sources: New York Times, re/code

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Charming West Shore Semi in Peaceful Neighborhood [25 Watson Ave]

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October 16 Home for Sale New York Real Estate Staten Island Travis Trending

Our team is willing to bet that you will find this home as charming as we do. 25 Watson Ave is a one family semi-attached colonial home for sale, located on a quiet block in the Travis neighborhood. The warm and inviting home has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Out front, the partial brick front exterior is accompanied by a driveway that fits up to 2 cars.

Entering the home, you’ll step onto the hardwood floors of the living room. The living room has a bay window, ceiling fan, and enough space for family movie nights! Past the living area is the full dining room. This area is open and inviting with a large window and gleaming chandelier light fixture, patiently waiting for you to host your next dinner party here!

The eat-in kitchen is equipped with black countertops, white cabinets, and white appliances, including a dishwasher. There are also sliding doors in the kitchen that lead to the fenced-in backyard. The backyard has a splinter-free Trex deck and above ground pool. On the first floor, off of the kitchen, is a half bathroom.

All three bedrooms can be found on the second floor. Both levels of the home boast 9-foot ceilings. The master bedroom is bright and open with carpeting and a large window. All the bedrooms have ample closet space to accommodate your storage needs. Each bedroom also has a different view of the exterior, such as the third bedroom faces the backyard. The full bathroom is located on this floor.

The home also has a floored attic and a basement. The basement features two rooms which are perfect for a den or playroom and a laundry area, as well as a half-bathroom.

The neighborhood surrounding 25 Watson Avenue is very peaceful. Although the location is convenient to Victory Blvd and the West Shore Expressway, you will feel as if you are away from the Staten Island rush. The home is located behind the new Freshkills Park and very close to Schmul Playground. Also not far away is the main stop for shopping on the island, The Staten Island Mall. Many other plazas are close by as well. Students living here are zoned to attend P.S.26 and the nearby bus stop is the S62.

For more information on this house, or other Real Estate listings in Staten Island, you can contact Maria Cappillo, licensed Realtor with, at (718) 966-9669.

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Discount Decor: Tranquil Kitchen Designs

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October 15 Discount Decor New York News Real Estate

It is said by many that the kitchen is the heart of the home. For those who enjoy a relaxed, clean feel in the kitchen, our team has come up with five inspiring, money-saving decorating alternatives that will dress up the space using blues tones and a laid-back vintage vibe.

1. Teal Flowered Ceramic Display Plate:

Some plates are just too pretty to eat from. Our color palette was inspired by this fancy flowered plate from Linens-n-Things. Although the dish is gorgeous, we know not everyone can spring $175 for a ceramic plate. We found a very similar design from Walmart that you can get for under $30!

2. Hanging Pendant Light:

Pendant lighting fixtures not only add a touch of class to your breakfast bar, they also provide area-focused light that brightens up the surface being used. Both of these designs are clean and simple, and this beautiful brushed nickel hanging light with a frosty shade is just $50 on



3. Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack:

Shelves are always a great way to keep clutter to a minimum, and if you enjoy wine you’ll certainly want a fun way to store and display it. Shelves made of reclaimed wood tell a story- these antique pieces had a past life just like a fine aged wine. A variety of furniture stores retailers offer items made from recycled wood. These wine shelves are practical and just oozing vintage charm.

4. Pastel Blue Stained Glass Windows

Nothing adds a color pop to your living space like stained glass windows. Although genuine stained glass can be a stunning edition to a room, the window must be custom made (measured, blown, cut, and sauntered) by a professional, and the final product costs hundreds of dollars- maybe thousands depending on the size. For those who love a bargain, go the cheap route and reproduce the look of stained glass with stick-on window film. You can get an entire roll, from Bed, Bath & Beyond with a lovely blue and green flowers. which can be cut to fit the shape of your windows for under $15! You’ll get about 6 1/2 feet of stained-glass window film, which can be cut to fit several different windows.

5. Stainless Steel Refrigerator

This last tip we have isn’t exactly a cheaper alternative item- when it comes to electronics, you don’t want to sacrifice quality. Instead, we’d like to harp on the wonderful idea of refurbished items. Stainless steel appliances are the standard in modern kitchens today, and the attractive metal fits perfectly into any color palette in addition to staying shiny and easy to clean. So how can you get a like-new stainless steel Frigidaire that is still in the box for nearly 40% less? Check out the outlet stores! Refurbished items are factory tested for functionality and are just as technically sound as a model that comes straight from the factory.


If you were inspired by any of these ideas, be sure to join our conversation on Facebook! Visit our main real estate website by clicking here.

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Quaint, Delightful Cape Home on the Market [107 Driggs Street]

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October 14 Eltingville Home for Sale Listings New York Staten Island Trending

On a friendly and quiet block in Eltingville, there is a humble one family detached cape home for sale. This 4-bedroom, 1 bath home at 107 Driggs Street was built in 1959. The exterior is adorned with light blue shingles and sizeable grass area front yard. There is also a 1 car garage and driveway as well as available on-street parking.

The first floor includes all common areas. The living room is lovely and spacious with hardwood floors accompanied by white moldings that line the room. There is also a large picture window that allows in gorgeous natural sunlight and overlooks the front yard.

The eat-in kitchen has light wooden cabinetry with granite countertops and backsplash, which pair perfectly with the white stove and refrigerator. While the kitchen does have a ceiling fan light fixture, it also has large windows. Just imagine the natural sunlight shining through while you brew your morning coffee!

The first floor also has two bedrooms and a full bath. Up the wooden staircase, you will find the other two bedrooms. All the bedrooms have hardwood flooring and ideal space. There is also a basement in this home that has a family room and a utility room. This area keeps the home toasty with heaters and a boiler room. And finally, take in the home’s captivating backyard! It is fenced in and has a deck and shed. The grass area is large enough to install a pool if you want!

This South Shore home is close to various transportation stops. Just less than half a mile away from the house, you can find bus stops for the S54, S78, S79, and X1. There are a lot of schools in this area for grades preschool to 8th grade: P.S.8, P.S.32, P.S.42, P.S.53, P.S.55, I.S.24, St Clare School, Francis School, and Eltingville Lutheran School. High school students are zoned to attend Tottenville High School.

For more information on this house, or other Real Estate listings in Staten Island, you can contact Ed Gomez, licensed Realtor with, at (718) 966-9669.


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Top Ten DIY Costumes

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October 14 Contests and Events Staten Island Top Ten List Trending

Halloween is only weeks away! You have dressed up your house, but have you settled on what you are going to be dressed as yourself? Never fear! We have you covered with the top ten do-it-yourself costume ideas that are easy to put together and inexpensive!

1. Characters from Insurance Ads. No one can resist Flo from Progressive and Jake from State Farm. Dressing up as these guys for Halloween is easy! For Flo, all you need is a blue headband, white shirt, red lipstick, white apron with the Progressive logo, a name tag, and a “I <3 Insurance” pin. For Jake, just wear a red shirt with a small State Farm logo, tan khakis, and a name tag.

2. Starbucks. Join the craze of the Pumpkin Spice Latte fanatics and dress up as a latte. You will need a laundry bag, white cloth for the foam or cap, and a hat with green paper rolled up on top as the straw. The laundry bag serves as your coffee cup, where you will add the Starbuck’s logo. If you rather something simple, dress up as a barista. All you’ll need is to wear is black pants, white button down shirt, and the green Starbucks apron and hat.

3. Rosie the Riveter. Show you girl pride! Wear a long sleeve denim shirt with the sleeves rolled up to your elbows,  jeans, a red bandana, and 1940’s style make-up.

4. Mime. Silence is the key, and this costume will show that. To be a mime, use white and black face paint, wear all black (or black pants with a black and white stripped shirt), red suspenders, and white gloves.


5. Film Noir. This is another silently great idea. All you need to do is dress in black, white, and grey. Walk around with a little screen card. Want to go the extra step? Paint yourself grey to actually mimic a black and white film!

6. Get Batty! Whether you want to to dress as the furry flying mammal or make your own batman costume, here is what you will need to get: a black umbrella that you can easily pull apart to make the wings, paired with a black outfit and bat ears. If you want to be the hero, just add your own batman symbol to the outfit.

7. Dora the Explorer. This is an easy costume to put together and is good for any age! All that is needed is a pink shirt, orange shorts, sneakers, and a backpack. You can also wear a short brown wig.

8. Morton Salt Girl. This one is also another good costume for girls of all ages. A yellow dress or raincoat paired with white stockings and an umbrella is all you need. Very simple and really comfortable!

9. Dwight from The Office. Dwight is one of the best television characters to dress up as because his style is easy to mimic and the costume is widely recognizable. Wear work attire: short sleeve button up shirt tucked into black pants, plaid tie, belt, full rim aviator glasses, and parted hair down the middle.

10. 404-error code. For the person who is not that into dressing up, you may enjoy this one. All you will need is a plain shirt. Add “404 Error- Costume not found” onto the shirt. Clever, yet to the point.

What are you going to be for Halloween? We’d love to hear your DIY costume ideas! Add a comment on Facebook!

Check out our Pinterest Top Ten Board for more pictures and how-to links.

Images source: media-cache, carol-hannah, seejaneblog, shrimpsaladcircus, popsugar, images.asadart, polyvore, pinterest


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