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Upcoming Staten Island Events During the End of July and Beginning of August!

July 22 Staten Island

0:18 July 28th and July 30th– Conference House Workshops, Arm Knitting and Music Making

0:54 July 29th – August 1st: SummerStage Concert and Performance Series

2:05 South Beach Sunset Family Festivals, through August 31st

2:39 August 3rd– Dog Days of Summer Hike

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Top Ten Affordable and Enjoyable Summer Activities to Try!

July 22 New York Staten Island Top Ten List Trending

Are you feeling left out on all the vacationing fun? If you’ve decided to stay local because your piggy bank feels light, there is no need to deprive yourself from an awesome summer! Here are the top ten things you can do without even leaving your hometown:

1. Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches. You can make these by yourself or invite friends over. The great thing about making them instead of buying already made ones means you can make them the way you want: be creative! Click here for some unique ice cream sandwich ideas.

2. Homemade Popsicles. Not into ice cream? Don’t sweat it. You and your friends can try these delicious Popsicle recipes!

3. Movie Night. With the price of movie tickets rising, skip the trip and have movie night right in your house. Invite friends over, pop popcorn, throw blankets and pillows down on the floor, and enjoy summer classics. Our personal favorites are Roman Holiday, Grease, or any ‘80s movies that are on Netflix instant play.

4. Put avocado on everything! Avocados are in season and have plenty of health benefits. Add them to your favorite dishes, or make up a new recipe that includes avocados.

5. Disconnect from your phone and Internet. As impossible as this seems, we know you can do it. Shut down your computer and phone for one weekend and just relax. By Monday morning, you will feel like you went on a vacation without even going away.

6. Plan a camping trip, in your own backyard. If you are an outdoorsy person, you will enjoy this mini-vacation. Have a camping trip right in the comfort of your home. Float in your pool, cook on your grill, sit around the fire pit, then pitch a tent and sleep outside. Enjoy the outdoors and warm weather with your friends or children. Don’t forget the insect repellent! (This is the perfect excuse to disconnect from electronics. Get the full experience of camping!)

7. Organize a Scavenger Hunt. Challenge your friends to find different things around town. You can use our Facebook Trivia and Aerial View facts on Facebook, or a previous Top Ten list to organize and make clues for a Staten Island themed hunt!

8. Start a book club. Gather your bookworm friends, make a reading list schedule and an available day for you all to meet and discuss the book. Make it a propriety to bring drinks or food that are themed from the current book! (Not a reader? Start any sort of club your friends and you can enjoy together: cards, sewing, scrapbooking, etc.)

9. Host a potluck dinner party. Throw a dinner party! Invite all your friends and have them bring a homemade dish to share. It is a great way to get a taste of new food while everyone is chipping in.

10. Spend an entire day at a park (or beach). This is a great escape without even going far. Take this opportunity to explore parks your have not been too. Pack your meals and stay out the whole day. Look into the the event schedules, since the park/beach may be holding free concerts or movie screenings!

What are your affordable and enjoyable summer plans? Share your thoughts in the comments below or join our conversation on Facebook!

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Tech Corner: Will Amazon Drones get the Green Light to Take Off?

July 18 News Tech Corner Trending

Amazon announced last year their plan to acquire drones for deliveries. It was such a tease, considering we were all out pounding the pavement for holiday shopping when the announcement was made. But the future of Amazon’s vision still seems blurry. What exactly is going on?

The online marketplace wants to use drones to deliver packages in 30 minutes or less. The Amazon Prime Air would be an aerial vehicle able to travel over 50 miles per hour and carry up to a 5-pound packages. This makes sense, considering 86% of Amazon’s deliveries are 5 pounds or less. For avid online shoppers, this new technology could be a dream come true!

As magical as this idea seems, there is a major hurdle that the little flying messengers must clear. That hurdle is known as the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA has an Unmanned Aircraft System (U.A.S) document that may leave Amazon’s drone idea foundering before it even takes off.

Here are some issues from the document that are taking place:

  • “Delivering packages using a drone is not legal.”- While the FAA document did not mention Amazon specifically, it does state that businesses are subject to regulations that prohibit the commercial use of drones.
  • “Delivering packages to people for a fee” – This section of the document declares that even if shipping is free, or offered as part of a purchase, it is still considered a violation of the commercial use provision. A lawyer who specializes in drones, Brendan Schulman, says the FAA is trying to assert its authority by restating that these kinds of uses are not permitted.
  • This past spring, the Federal Appeals Court judge ruled that the FAA drone regulation is not valid. Since the agency did not ask for the public’s comment when initially drafting the drone rules, which is a federal requirement, the document has not been approved. The agency will reportedly publish new rules on drones by 2015. This has not stopped developers from joining the race and beginning production for what is to be predicted to be a multi-million dollar market.

Amazon’s Vice President of Global Public Policy, Paul Misener, says that these minor hiccups will not affect their plans. “We are continuing to work with the FAA to meet Congress’s goal of getting drones flying commercially in America safely and soon.” Amazon plans on conducting its research and development on these delivery drones close to their home in Seattle, Washington. The testing will take place over private property and will be away from military areas and airports.

We are in Amazon’s (Tech)Corner, counting down the days until drone deliveries are a reality! If not, can we start training pets owls, Harry Potter style?

Are you excited about this flight into the future? We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic! Join our conversation on Facebook.

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Upcoming Staten Island Events For The Fourth Week of July, Featuring Sissy’s Angels Ride Against Domestic Violence

July 17 Staten Island

Events Highlighted This Week:

0:22 July 22nd– SI Community Partnership Resume Building Workshop

1:00 July 7th- August 6th– Conference House Workshop Series

1:51 July 22nd and 24th– Rock Your Seat

2:22 July 26th– 2014 Sissy’s Angels Ride Against Domestic Violence

3:11 July 26th– Color Festival NYC

3:55 July 26th and 27th– Staten Island Shakespearean Theatre: As You Like It

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Can Non-Profit Agencies Fill in Gaps Left by City Government?

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July 15 Bronx Brooklyn Housing Market Hurricane Sandy Manhattan New Jersey New York News Queens Real Estate Special Report Staten Island Trending Weather

Because of stalling progress on the storm recovery front, many Hurricane Sandy victims are turning to smaller, non-profit organizations for the help they need.

Now twenty months have passed since Hurricane Sandy hit New York, and other than a handful of state buyout recipients, a majority of storm survivors are still waiting for the aid promised to them by the government. Only $5.44 million dollars in reimbursement checks have been sent out to homeowners so far through the New York City Build It Back Program according to their latest statement, out of a total $1 billion in federally allocated money.

In addition, the New York State Buyout program has been capped for the city, including only those who reside in Graham Beach, Oakwood Beach, and Ocean Breeze.

The controversy is not limited to government agencies. The scandal rages on concerning the mammoth American Red Cross. Leaders of this organization have been so opaque in releasing information, they have hired legal services to halt a Freedom of Information Act request in regards to their spending of more than $300 million in donations.

Frustrated homeowners fed up with the options presented to them may find respite in the grassroots efforts of local volunteer organizations. Private donations are not subject to the same insurance and building regulations that restrict the flow of money through Build It Back.

A collection of volunteer and donation based groups under the umbrella of New York Disaster Interfaith Services held a panel in June to address the unmet needs of New York City homeowners. At the New York City Unmet Needs Roundtable, organizations like The Salvation Army, United Methodist Church, The Brooklyn Long-Term Recovery Group and other nongovernmental entities have allocated a total of over $5.8 million to rebuild Sandy-damaged homes, surpassing contributions from Build It Back.

Still more storm survivors have received assistance from Habitat for Humanity, a volunteer-driven institution responsible for transitioning many Sandy survivors out of their temporary homes in hotels back into their homes. Even actor Steve Buschemi, along with East Williamburg artist James Wells, financed over $750,000 in grants which provided construction assistance and mold removal for homeowners all over the city.

Many New York residents are still homeless or living in gutted homes with poor insulation,  leaking roofs, and bare floorboards, as we approach Hurricane Sandy’s two-year anniversary in October. If you are a homeowner affected by storm damage, we have compiled a list of non-profit resources below where you can seek further assistance.

New York Unmet Needs Roundtable:

Hope for New York:

Habitat for Humanity:

Yellow Boots Disaster Relief:

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Top Ten Staten Island Streets with Famous Names

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July 15 Staten Island Top Ten List Trending

We had such a blast searching Staten Island for the Top Ten Interesting Staten Island Street Names that we went on a new search for streets with well-known monikers! As we know, a majority of these street names are not named after these actors/people/characters,  but it was still exciting to find them!

1. Hitchcock Ave. The director who was known as “The Master of Suspense” has his very own avenue on Staten Island. No worries though, “The Birds” on this Lighthouse Hill street are friendly, and there is no Bates Motel in sight.

2. Norman Place. You can relate this street name in Prince’s Bay to the Hitchcock movie Psycho’s Norman Bates. Or if you’re a Walking Dead fan, this street can be tied to the very popular Norman Reedus!

3. Radcliff Road. Calling all Potterheads of Staten Island! Shall we search the neighborhood of Concord for Hogwarts?! Brooms up!

4. Lennon Court. As mentioned in the interesting street names, there is an Abbey Road in Staten Island. Only one block over, you will find Lennon Court. We feel it’s safe to assume this street is in memory of the quintessential hippie.

5. Lincoln Ave. Four scores in Midland Beach, you will come across Lincoln Ave.

6. Taylor Street. Do not drive down this street, or it may just write a song about you. Just a little Taylor Swift humor on our part…we still love her though.

7. Sheldon Ave. Bazinga! There is a Sheldon Avenue that goes through both Annadale and Prince’s Bay.

8. Kramer Ave. Kramer runs through Woodrow while George Street is located in Tottenville, and Jerry’s Diner is in Stapleton. So much for being neighbors.

9. Dunham Street. It was made known on the show Girls, that the characters are not huge fans of Staten Island. We think they should give it another chance, especially since Pleasant Plains has a Dunham Street.

10. Presley Street. Great Kills may not be where the king is from, but we can only hope the residents of this street are all shook up.

What Staten Island street names do you know of that have a famous name? Share your thoughts in the comments below or join our conversation on Facebook! Better yet, take a picture with the street name above and hashtag #RealEstateSINY and #TrendingSINY into your post! We will post our favorites on TrendingSINY’s facebook!!

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Cute Detached Eltingville Home With All The Amenities! [4289 Richmond Ave]

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July 11 Eltingville Home for Sale Listings New York Real Estate Staten Island Trending

This adorable home would be perfect as a starter home or a business location! 4289 Richmond Ave in the Eltingville neighborhood is a one family detached ranch-style home, located on a main street. This 3 bedroom, 2 bath stucco exterior home includes a basement and a paved driveway that fits up to three cars.

Built in 1955, this house has a unique layout. Walking past the paved brick walkway and up the front steps, make your way through the front door and you’re greeted by the L-shaped living room-dining room combo. These rooms are kept well-lit with the large bay window that faces the home’s front yard. Past this area is the home’s eat-in kitchen with updated stainless steel appliances: refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven. The side entrance to the yard is also found inside the kitchen.

The home is equipped with 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. The three bedrooms and one of the bathrooms are located on the main floor. There is a nice sized master bedroom with large closet space. The other two bedrooms are of standard size and each has a closet. The second bedroom has a sliding door to the backyard.

The paved driveway goes all the way into the fenced backyard. At the end of the driveway is a shed.  There is a wooden deck, large enough to fit a patio set, barbecue grill, and sitting chairs. The grassy area is spacious enough to fit a pool, children’s playset, or even a garden.

The basement has two extra rooms, currently being used as a home office and recreation room. There is also a full bathroom and small kitchen. The home also has a central cooling system and forced air heat.

Eltingville keeps you located close to all the necessaries. Being on Richmond Ave, you’ll be surrounded by shops and food places, while also being just around the corner from Hylan Blvd! New York is well known for its wonderful schools. Nearby, you’ll find P.S.8, P.S.55, I.S.24, St. Clare’s, and Staten Island Montessori School. The MTA also provides lots of transportation in the area. Local bus routes you’ll have access to are the S54, S59, S78, S79, and X1, and the Eltingville stop of the SIRT is within walking distance as well. On clear sunny days, Crescent Beach Park will be calling your name, only minutes away!

For more information on this house, or other Real Estate listings in Staten Island, you can contact Nicole Hawileh, licensed Realtor with, at (718) 966-9669.

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Recap of Hurricane Arthur’s Activity

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July 7 Hurricane Irene New Jersey New York News Special Report Staten Island Trending Weather

Data on post-tropical Cyclone Arthur as of 10:30 am on Monday, July 7. Source: National Hurricane Center

Hurricane Arthur made landfall this weekend, but missed New York by a long shot.

The storm hit the Outer Banks of North Carolina at roughly 4:30 am on Friday, July 4th. Storm force winds reached 101 miles-per-hour at their peak, and a storm surge of nearly 4.5 feet above normal levels flooded parts of the North Carolina coast. Some structural damage was reported on coastal roads.

New England dodged the bullet for the most part, with the storm’s center passing Cape Cod, Massachusetts about 75 miles offshore. The storms proximity, however, caused heavy rains and some flooding in Plymouth and Bristol counties in the late evening hours of July 4.

Arthur making landfall in Eastern Canada. Source:

Arthur was losing gusto by this time, with peak wind speeds falling to 57 mph in Falmouth, Massachusetts. The storm then fell to tropical storm status by 5 am on July 5, although eastern Maine and Canada received heavy rain throughout the day on Saturday. High-force winds reportedly uprooted several trees in Maine.

Arthur was then downgraded into post-tropical cyclone status at 8 am on July 5 as it continued on its northern path. Currently the remains of the storm flounder in the Atlantic ocean north of Newfoundland.

A collective sigh of relief for the New York City area may be in order, as we enjoyed blue skies and warm weather on Saturday and Sunday.

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Hurricane Arthur Leaves Some Uncertainty for New York City and The Northeast

July 3 Bronx Brooklyn Hurricane Irene Hurricane Sandy Manhattan New Jersey New York News Special Report Staten Island Weather

Tropical Storm Arthur became a hurricane today, and is headed north, gaining strength.

The Category 2 storm just passed Georgia’s Atlantic coast and will be making landfall in North Carolina tomorrow, July 4th according to the latest data. Continuing to put a damper on the holiday weekend, Arthur is predicted to pass the New Jersey coast on Saturday, though likely remaining offshore.

If the storm continues on this path, this places the eye of the hurricane between 90 and 200 miles east of the Staten Island East Shore coastline Saturday evening. According to the most updated model on, New York is now on the fringe of the Tropical Storm Probability Cone, with a 10-20% chance of receiving sustained storm force winds.

Should Hurricane Arthur continue to gain strength and veer just fifty miles west of the current projection, Staten Island could be hit with full force. However, this appears unlikely as of yet. With coastlines extending further east, Boston appears to be a more likely target. Parts of Long Island are also in the danger zone.

Currently storm surge is expected to be between 1 and 3 feet above the normal tide cycle. However, it is yet to be determined fully depending on the storm’s track and intensity.

Click here for the most current data on Hurricane Arthur’s path.

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Tech Corner: Kickstart Your Way to the Future!

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July 3 New York News Tech Corner Trending

This holiday weekend, we are celebrating America with parties, fireworks, and, more than likely, beer. As we show our support for our country, we should also appreciate the freedom we have to be ourselves and follow our dreams. That being said…there is this wonderful website that helps us pursue such goals. Retro television show Reading Rainbow achieved a new record this week by achieving the highest number of supporters for its reboot on, an American worldwide crowd-funding platform. This New York City-based company’s mission is to help bring creative projects to life by allowing supporters (“backers”) to donate to the product’s conception. Backers can donate to projects such as films, music, comics, food relating, and of course, technology!

Kickstarter has been the stepping-stone for some amazing products and their success. The Oculus Rift began on Kickstarter before selling out to Facebook. The top three most highly funded projects on Kickstarter have been tech innovations: The Pebble E-Pepper watch, The OUYA Video Game Console, and Pono Music. Here are a couple of projects on Kickstarter we are hoping gain the success they are looking for.

Megalo Mini

The Megalo Mini is planned to be the smallest portable charger with a capacity of 1400mAh. This means it is powerful enough to charge your smartphone for the whole day. It is very small and ultra light; it can be easily attached to your keychain. It also has built in cables, keeping it even more compact. Not only would this product be helpful for us New Yorkers on the go, it was designed and created by three guys from New York! We hope they meet their Kickstarter goal! Good Luck fellas!

Edyn Smart Garden System

Here at TrendingSINY, we love gardening! That is the reasoning why we adore this device. Edyn is a smart garden system that monitors and tracks the environmental conditions helping you plants to thrive. It lets you know what is happening in your garden at all times. All you need to do is insert the device into the soil, and the Edyn garden sensor will gather and analyze data about changing weather and soil conditions. This data is sent to you and displayed through the Edyn app. It also has a separate water valve to inform you when your plants need to be watered. This will keep you connected to your garden so you can grow healthier and happier plants.


This awesome invention is for the beer lovers out there. The SYNEK is a draft beer system that serves any beer, fresh, from a tap. Your favorite local brewery, your best friend’s homemade brew, or an international favorite all available to you wherever and whenever you want it. The SYNEK is just as heavy as a toaster and can fit right on your counter space. It keeps the beer fresh for up to 30 days.

What is your favorite Kickstarter device? Will you be donating to any of these inventors? We love to hear your thoughts! Join our conversation on Facebook.

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Image sources: kickstarter, wired, syneksystem

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