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Tech Corner: Happy 1 Year and The Oculus Rift!

March 27 Staten Island Tech Corner Trending

Exactly one year ago, we reported that the Oculus Rift company was bought by Facebook for two billion dollars. What is the update on the device 365 days later?

The Oculus Rift was originally developed as a headset to be used with computers and gaming systems. The Oculus VR will be an attachment with phones. The Samsung Gear (Oculus) VR will pair with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S6, and S6 Edge smartphones.

Virtual reality running off a smartphone greatly broadens the addressable market for the technology. The PC is more powerful but mobile phones point to a world with a billion people using virtual reality headsets

-John Carmack

The VR will work with non-gaming apps for mobile devices. The companies have taken note that people like photos and videos. Due to this, they are planning to incorporate photos and videos with virtual reality.

2579549-2000332873-25777While an exact date is not being announced just yet, Samsung is ready! Plans are set for launching at the end of year! “When everything is ready, ads will be everywhere!”

HTC will also be launching their own virtual reality headset, The HTC Vive, by the end of this year as well. It was even announced by Sony that they plan on making a VR headset too. It will be for the Playstation 4. Their headset, Project Morpheus, will be available by 2016! It looks as if virtual reality and Oculus will be a huge thing in the future!

What do you think about all these headset coming out? Will virtual reality be the next big thing, or just a little tech phase? LET’S DISCUSS! Comment below or join our conversation on Facebook!

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A Large Custom Hi-Ranch Close to Schools, Shopping, and Transportation! [20 Keating Place]

March 25 Home for Sale Listings New Springville New York Real Estate Staten Island Trending

Located on a quiet and private two way street in New Springville, this one family detached hi-ranch home is for sale! 20 Keating Place has four bedrooms and three bathrooms and is conveniently close to schools and the neighborhood’s shopping plazas!

This half brick, half shingle home exterior is accompanied with a floral dream! This Japanese-styled garden has a water foundation and oriental lawn pieces. The brick paved driveway leads up to the two car built-in garage. With this feature, you can park up to four cars in total!

1094649-residential-n361vh-oWalk into the two-door entrance and up the stairs to central zone. Let’s start with the first room you will lay your eyes on: the kitchen. There are marble tiled floors that match perfectly with the white oak cabinets, black granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances: microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator. There is a ceiling fan fixture, high hats, and a doorway to the ceramic tiled deck.

Past the kitchen is the dining room. This room is carpeted and has plenty of light from the three windows and hanging light fixture. Follow the carpeted floors to the large oversized living room. It features a mirrored wall, and both bay and bow windows.

Three of the bedrooms are located on the second floor. The master bedrooms suite is divine. This carpeted room includes two closets equipped with lighting, crown moldings, and ceiling fan fixture. There is also a sliding door to the deck and a tiled half bathroom. The two other bedrooms also have carpet, ceiling fans, and closets with lighting.

1094649-residential-1eeoxzr-oOn the lower level is ready for entertaining. It has hardwood floors with wood panel and brick walls and a wet bar with sink. There is a sunken sitting area with a fireplace that is wood burning and has a gas connector. There is also a bathroom on this floor and sliding doors to the back yard that has an inground pool!

This home’s features are not over! This home has a sprinkler system, outdoor lights that are all on a timer, a buzzer to access entry into the home, a half attic with flooring, and finally two-zone heating with cast iron heat and baseboard.

P.S.69 and I.S.72 is a block away from 20 Keating Place. The other schools in this area are P.S.54, P.S.60, CSI High School, and College of Staten Island. Richmond Ave is down the block; leading you every shopping plaza and mall Heartland Village and New Springville has to offer you! The bus stops nearby are S44, S59, S61, and X17C.

For more information on this house, or other Real Estate listings in Staten Island, you can contact Michael Martin and Elizabeth Del Priore, licensed Realtors with (718) 966-9669.

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Top Ten Homemade Spring Cleaners

March 24 Staten Island Top Ten List Trending

Natural-Bleach-Alternative-e1426885557677Spring is vastly approaching! We know you have been putting off spring-cleaning (because we have too!) It is time we finally get a move on it and get our homes refreshed with these top ten homemade toxin free cleaners!

1. All Natural Bleach Alternative

  • 1 ½ cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • ½ cup lemon juice
  • 12 cups filtered water.
    Combine these ingredients in a gallon size bottle. This mixture is perfect for disinfecting surfaces and laundry uses.

    2. Grease Fighting Dish Soap

  • 2 cups boiled water
  • 1 tablespoon grated castile soap
  • 1-tablespoon borax
  • 15-20 drops essential oil (scent of your choice)
  • Combine borax and grated soap to bowl with boiled water. Whisk together until the soap is completely melted. Allow to cool overnight before transferring to a squirt bottle and adding essential oils.

    Summery-Essential-Oil-Laundry-Softener-Crystals3. DIY Fabric Softener

  • 4 cups kosher salt
  • 20 drops essentials drops (scent of your choice)
  • Mix these ingredients well and store in a mason jar. Add 2-3 tablespoons for small loads and 4-8 tablespoons for larger loads of laundry.

    4. DIY Garbage Disposal Refreshers All you need for this cleaner is white vinegar, citrus peels, and a muffin or ice cube tray. Put a few citrus peels into a muffin tin or ice cube tray, and then fill with white vinegar. Freeze until they are solid. Transfer and store the cubes until a lidded container, leaving it in the freezer until you are ready to use!

    5. Homemade Glass Cleaner

  • 2 tablespoons rubbing alcohol
  • 2 tablespoons white vinegar
  • 1-tablespoon cornstarch
  • 1-½ cups of water
  • Place everything into a spray bottle and shake well. Make sure to shake well before each application. Wipe clean with newspaper or terry cloth. Keep wiping until the entire white residue is gone and glass is clean!

    Mold-+-Mildew-Spray-e14268854793776. Mold and Mildew Cleaner

  • 2 cups white vinegar
  • 1-teaspoon tea tree oil
  • 10 drops orange essential oil
  • Add to a spray bottle and shake well before using! This mixture is perfect for cleaning countertops and spraying your shower daily.

    7. Homemade All Purpose Cleaner

  • 1 ½ cups water
  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 20 drops lemon essential oil
  • 10 drops lavender essential oil
  • Combine all these ingredients into a spray bottle. Use to clean the surfaces in your home.

    8. DIY Stain Remover Spray

  • ¼ cup castile soap
  • ¼ cup vegetable glycerin
  • 2 tablespoons borax
  • 2 tablespoons washing soda
  • 2 cups warm water
  • Combine borax, washing soda, and warm water in a spray bottle. Shake well until they fully dissolve then add soap and glycerin. Shake well again. If the mixture comes out too thick, add more warm water. Be sure to store in a dark cool place.

    Stain-Remover-Spray-e14268854528209. All Natural Floor Cleaner

  • 1 cup rubbing alcohol
  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 10 drops orange essential oils
  • 10 drops tea tree oil
  • 1 teaspoon dish soap
  • 1 or 2 gallons of hot tap water
  • Combine all the ingredients in large bucket. For tough jobs, use more soap than water!

    10. All Natural Wood Dusting Spray

  • 1/3-cup water
  • ½ tablespoon liquid castile soap
  • 8 drops orange essential oil
  • 4 drops cedarwood essential oil
  • Combine all these ingredients into a 4oz spray bottle and shake well. Spray into dry cloth and wipe wood clean

    Lavender, Jasmine, Citrus, or Herbal are the perfect essential oil scents for spring and summer seasons. For more homemade cleaning recipes, visit our Top Ten Homemade Cleaning Products blog.

    What is your spring cleaning tips for homeowners? Share thoughts in the comments below or join our conversation on Facebook!

    Check out our Pinterest Top Ten Board for more pictures and how-to links.

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    Tech Corner: R.I.P Internet Explorer

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    March 20 Staten Island Tech Corner Trending

    It has been confirmed this week that Microsoft will be dropping their web browser. Internet Explorer was the beginning of most of our crazy adventures into the great unknown of the Internet. Just with a double click on the giant E icon, and we were able to wander through MySpace.

    ie_pony_by_spokesthebrony-d52p7irIt has been clear for years now that Internet Explorer’s users were dwindling down rapidly. The main reasoning is that it is buggy, prone to hackers, and is completely slow. The design has also not been able to match competitors who appear sleek and trendy. It has been long overdue for an update!

    On Monday, at the Microsoft convergence, marketing chief Chris Capossela cleared all the rumors by officially announcing that they are dropping Internet Explorer. He stated that there would be a brand new browser that will be released with Windows 10. The new browsers will be faster and have a better user experience that will be similar to Google Chrome. The new browser is being codenamed “Project Spartan”. This is all the information we have on that matter of business.

    TeknologiWindows 10 is not due for users until this summer. Until then, we have tips and tricks that will make Windows 8.1 more bearable:
    1. Tired of the tiles? Get rid of them once and for all! Have your computer turn on straight to your desktop when you startup with just some simple setting changes. Right click on the toolbar at the bottom of your desktop then click “properties”, then “navigation.” When the window pops up, select the toggle on for “When I sign in or close all apps on a screen, go to desktop instead of start”.
    2. Windows 8.1 allows you to organize your apps in several different ways. On your start screen, click the down facing arrow in the lower left corner. This takes you to the apps screen, where you can edit by clicking on the box next to the “Apps” title on top. Choose the order you would like for them to appear. (If you choose the option that appears by how often you use them, you will have a better understanding on what apps to uninstall.) Which leads us to…
    3. There is not need to have multiple apps installed into your computer that have similar features and uses. Get rid of these apps by going to P.C Setting and selecting “P.C and Devices”. From there, click on the Disk Space and wait for it to load. Once loaded, click “See My Apps Sizes”. This will show a list of all the apps loaded on your computer. Uninstall the ones you never use!
    4. Disable those pesky hot corners if you find them as annoying as we do! To turn them off, go to P.C and Devices again, and select the “Corner and Edges” option. Detoggle the ones you would like to be turned off.
    5. Get your Start Menu back! While Windows 8.1 brought back the start button, but it only leads you to a confusing table-esque page filled with useless tiles. Get the proper and original start menu back by installing the app Classic Shell or Start8. The installations are fairly simple and the links walk you through the set up process.

    What do you think about Microsoft dropping Internet Explorer? Join our conversation on Facebook.

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    Top Ten Last Minute St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

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    March 17 Staten Island Top Ten List Trending

    StPatCatAlePicMarENewsletterHappy Saint Patrick’s Day! We get that the Staten Island Patrick’s Day parade was two weeks ago and the possibilities of making today’s NYC parade is difficult if you have work, or school. No need to worry though! We have the top ten things you can do today!

    1. Flanagan’s Tavern. Having an event called Brothers Dynamite, this Tavern is located on Amboy Road and they are beginning their party at 7pm. It will be filled with live entertainment, food, and drinks.

    2. Joyce’s Tavern. Located only blocks away from our office on Richmond Ave, Joyce’s tavern is an adorable little place that is always in the Irish spirit year around! So why not head into there for their holiday celebration! Be sure to try the Irish beer that is on tap, or their variety selection of bottle choices.

    3. Miller’s Ale House. Head over to the restaurant, located on Richmond Ave as well, in the Target shopping Center, for their Saint Patrick’s Day specials! Enjoy an Irish dinner platter of Corn Beef and Cabbage or Sheppard’s Pie. Then wash the meal down with Irish themed drink specials like Guinness or Jameson shots with pickleback.

    4. O’Neill’s Staten Island. This new local bar on Forest Ave is beginning their Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations early! Starting at 11am, spend the day there with music served with drink specials and food prepared by Chef Hutch.


    5. Bar Crawl. Rather venture out in the NYC area? Check out these bar crawls happening in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Each have a list of bars that are ready to be of service for your day’s shenanigans.


    6. Horror Flick on Patty’s Day. The Nitehawk Cinema in Williamburg, Brooklyn, will be playing the movie Leprechaun. Enjoy this film with food and drinks. The movie starts at 9:30pm with a $15 admission.

    7. Decorate. Throwing your own party? Be sure to include the next couple of things into the celebration! Begin with little decoration that will go will with the Irish dinner you have prepared.
    Decorating Tips for 3.17

    8. Dress up. Make your attire match the day! Be creative while you are in the process of getting ready: quirky headbands, green and gold nails, bowties, and even suspenders.

    Dressing up for 3.17

    9. Bakers gonna bake, bake, bake! Whether you are making this fun recipes for a party or just to spend time with the kids, keep it has festive as possible! Make shamrock cookies or green ombre cake.

    10. Homemade Shamrock Shake. A personal favorite of ours! Do you join us in the excitement of March rolling around; bringing the season of the green dyed milkshake? Because we do! Skip the drive thru tonight and make your own minty shake!

    Have a safe and happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Remember to drink responsibly!

    What plans do you have this Saint Patrick’s Day? Will you be trying any of these? Share thoughts in the comments below or join our conversation on Facebook!

    Check out our Pinterest Top Ten Board for more pictures and how-to links.

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    Tech Corner: Is the Apple Watch Worth It?

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    March 13 Staten Island Tech Corner Trending

    The Apple Live Event was at a very imperfect time of the day, leaving many of us missing the stream due to jobs and classes. Do not worry though! We have everything you need to know about the Apple Live Event, including the Apple Watch and new Macbooks!

    Apple Watch

    Apple-Watch-logo-main1Needless to say, but the Apple Watch official announcement, something we were extremely excited about, did not impress. Apple announced a device that a dozen other companies already have with features that are already offered. The biggest difference is the battery last up to 29 hours! It allows you to send and receive text messages, make phone calls, play music, navigation directions; basically all the things an iPhone can do, just on a smaller screen, from your wrist. It does keep track of your heart rate and reminds you to move around after an hour of sitting, other than that, its just like any other smart watch on the market.
    New Apple Watch is seen during an Apple event at the Flint Center in CupertinoThe Verge and The Wire were lucky enough to get their hands on one and reported that the interface lacks the simple elegance like the other devices. They also admitted that the button on the side is easy to mistakenly hit and the apps needs to be rebooted due to the “swipe to open” feature.
    The Apple Watch does come in various styles and colors, ranging in different prices. The 18-karat yellow or rose gold version has a starting price of $10,000. If you are looking for one that is more affordable and in your price range, there is the watch that starts at $349 and has an aluminum face that comes in silver or grey with colorful bands. There is even a stainless steel strap that cost just a little bit more. The Apple Watch will be available on April 24th.


    The new macbooks are the lightest, thinnest, and quietest laptop with a long lasting battery. It weighs less than two pounds and has no fan. The keyboard keys will be 40% thinner than traditional keyboards, and will be accompanied by the new and improved “force touch” track pad. The track pad will include new gestures and actions based on pressure and context.
    Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 4.34.29 PMThe first fan-less macbook uses an Intel Core M processor and runs up to 1.3GHZ. Between the quantum energy of the gigahertz, speed of the processor, and the flat four batteries, the power will consume 5 watts, making it save energy up to 30% more than other laptops. Lastly with the display, it will have a retina 12-inch screen display with edge-to-edge cover glass and 2034 by 1444 pixels.
    The new macbook is also featuring the death of cord ports, as we know them. It uses one universal port, USB-C, which accepts USB 3.0, display ports, and power. While this could be something amazing, us multitaskers are concerned.
    This macbook will be available in silver, “space grey”, and gold. Starting at $1,299 with 8GB of RAM and 256GB. These computers will be available starting April 10th.
    We have even heard that there is an Apple car secretly in the works and will be on the market by 2020!

    This is so soon! DO you think the Apple Car will live up to the rumors, unlike the Apple Watch? What are your personal thoughts about the Apple Watch and one port Macbook? Join the conversation on Facebook or comment below!

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    Regal Home on the Market in Oakwood! [56 Acorn Street]

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    March 12 Home for Sale Listings New York Oakwood Real Estate Staten Island Trending

    1094045-residential-zkvosv-oThis home is ready for you to move into now! 56 Acorn Street is an oversized gorgeous colonial home in located on a quiet street in Oakwood. It is a one family detached home with four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

    The home is absolutely regal and is well kept. The exterior contains a brick front with brick and cement stair walk up to the double front doors. This is all accompanied by the large driveway and built-in single car garage.

    Enter through the double doors and into the entry foyer, that contains white tiled floors, a coat closet, 1094045-residential-l9b6sx-oand a dazzling hanging light fixture. To the right of the foyer is the magnificent living room. With large windows, hardwood floors, and a fireplace, this room is already ready for you to come home and relax in. There is a family room and eat-in kitchen towards the rear of the home, past the half bathroom. The kitchen is expansive with medium-light wood cabinets that are ample for storage, white tiled floors, recess lighting, and an island perfect for preparing and serving meals on! The kitchen also has access onto the backyard deck and grass area.

    On the second floor, you can find all the bedrooms. The master bedroom ensuite has hardwood floors, an extremely large walk-in closet, and a four-piece bathroom that includes a shower and Jacuzzi tub.

    There is also a basement in this home. Down there you can find the laundry room and additional space to be turned into a man cave, play room, or extra bedroom.

    The features do not end at the home! Various types of schools surround this house: P.S.23, P.S.50, P.S.53, St. Patrick’s School, Richmondtown Prep, St, Charles School, Monsignor Farrell High School, and Staten Island Technical High School. The bus stops in this area include the S57, S78, and X1. You can even catch the Staten Island Railroad at the Oakwood Heights Station. Finally, the home is minutes away from Great Kills Park and Harbor.

    For more information on this house, or other Real Estate listings in Staten Island, you can contact Elsayed Osman, licensed Realtor with (718) 966-9669.

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    Top Ten Ways We Can All Shine

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    March 10 Top Ten List Trending

    International Women’s Day was on Sunday, March 8th. The day is about celebrating all of the strong, brave, and loving women in our lives. However, why should it end there? Here are the top ten ways women, and men, can and are shining in best of light!

    1. Self-Confidence. We all have examples of confidence we admire in our lives. Whether it is a family member, friend, or famous role model, they are your influence. Draw yourself to a person according to their self-assurance and positive outlook, and then allow it to reflect off your own being.

    2. Embrace Your Purpose. We each have our own strengths and talents. Utilize these advantages in your personal and professional life.

    33eb05601981fec8804a63c056aaae253. Love yourself As Is. Before you can agree to always be happy, you must first cherish yourself. Be accepting about who you are.

    4. No More Media Shaming! Do not fall into the trap of media’s appearance shaming! Be confident and happy in your lifestyle choices, your health, and your individual image. Most importantly, no more social media shaming others. Subs are not nice in general.

    5. Difficult Days Happen. A bad day gets the best of any of us. Take these days and use them as a learning lesson and grow from it. It is also always easier to get through a bad day with the help of others. Be supportive.

    6. Respect. If you do not respect yourself, it will be hard for others to respect you. Make sure the respect reaches a full circle.

    I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. –Maya Angelou

    7. Do Something You Care About! Sometimes money and prestige of high power is not always as good as the thrill of chasing your dream.

    1286-747758. Help Each Other Grow. We all have different specialties to offer with our various strengths. Make it a mission to promote one another, rather than watching the fall and crumble of a friend or colleague.

    9. Stand Strong. There will always be one individual who does enjoy making people feel small. Do not be the quiet observer; speak now and help. A hand to stand back up may be the main thing your follow is seeking for.

    10. Gender Does Not Define Us. It is only a psychological barrier. It is about what you do and your attitude. The respect you earn has everything to do with this and how you present yourself, whether you are male or female.

    How will you empower the world today? Share thoughts in the comments below or join our conversation on Facebook!

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    A Spectacular Brick Front Home On The Market! [560 Valley View Place]

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    March 6 Emerson Hill Home for Sale Listings New York Real Estate Staten Island Todt Hill Trending

    560 ValleyviewThis home is absolutely breathtaking! 560 Valley View Place is located in the desirable neighborhood known as Todt Hill. Situated on a dead end block, this beautiful home has three bedrooms and four bathrooms. There is a garage and driveway that fits up to two cars. The home’s exterior includes brick and stucco with a paved stone walk way. There is also a sprinkler and alarm system that comes with the home.

    Enter through the double front doors and walk into the two-story entry. The entry has a coat closet, an 560 valleyview 5enchanting chandelier and granite tiled floors. To the left of the entry is the sunken living room. This room has decorative columns in the archway, leading you into the cozy area that contains a wood-burning fireplace with a marble mantle, trey ceilings, and hardwood floors. To the right of the entryway is the extra large dining room. This room contains both vaulted and trey ceilings, that is accompanied by hanging light fixture. This room also has hardwood floors that lead into the kitchen.

    The kitchen has granite floors and countertops. The kitchen is spacious and open with an island that has a cooktop. This kitchen also has two skylights and sliding doors into the backyard. The appliances are custom and match the cabinetry: refrigerator, microwave, cooktop, wall oven, garage disposal, and dishwasher.

    There is an office and/or study next to the kitchen that also has sliding doors into the backyard. The backyard has a deck, gazebo, and hot tub. The half bathroom on the first floor has granite flooring and countertop with mirrored walls.

    560 valleyview 20The second floor has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Walk up the carpet runner stairs and observe the balcony hallway. There is a large transom window that overlooks the front yard. The master bedroom suite is large with double closets that have mirrored sliding doors. There is crown molding, and a private four-piece bathroom. The bathroom has marble tiled floors and countertop with a skylight and Jacuzzi tub. There is also a towel closet.
    The other two bedrooms are large with crown moldings. The second bathroom on this floor also is a four piece. It is fully tiled with a Jacuzzi tub.

    The features just keep going! This home has brand new hot water heat. There is an attic and a finished basement. The basement has a recreation room, laundry room and a bathroom with a steam shower.

    The desirable neighborhood has all the amenities you will need. It is conveniently close to the Staten Island expressway, and only minutes away from Clove Lakes Park. The schools in the area are P.S.29, P.S.35, P.S.80, Susan Wagner High School, St. Johns Lutheran School, St. Teresa’s School, St. Rita School, El Bethal Christian Academy, and Staten Island Academy. The buses located nearby are the S54 an X10.

    For more information on this house, or other Real Estate listings in Staten Island, you can contact Geralyn Liverani and Susan Fraizer, licensed Realtor with (718) 966-9669.

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    This Vintage Charm Home Could Be Your Best Investment! [72 Morningstar Road]

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    March 6 Elm Park Home for Sale Listings New York Real Estate Staten Island Trending

    1094291-residential-1mt14zz-oThis endearing one family detached colonial home has a beautiful vintage charm and would make a fantastic investment. 72 Morningstar Road has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It is located in the neighborhood of Elm Park, on a main street, conveniently close to the expressway.

    This vinyl siding home would make more than just a perfect residence. Due to its location, it could also be excellent for professional use! Despite how you plan on using this house, you must find out all its wonderful features!

    The home has a large back and side yard. The yards could be perfect for storage, a place to cars, or just grand for entertainment!

    1094291-residential-oc0k77-oThe home has a unique interior layout. Enter into the house, into the large living room. It currently has carpeted floors, with hardwood flooring underneath it. You may pick which you prefer. Past the living room is the eat-in kitchen. It includes hardwood floors, ceiling fan fixture, oak cabinets, and white appliances.

    The master bedroom is also located on the first floor. It is past the kitchen, half bathroom, and laundry room. The master bedrooms has wood paneling, carpet flooring, tall ceilings, and a good that accesses the yard.

    The second floor has two bedrooms and a full bathroom, which has been newly redone. The bedrooms are large in size and have high ceilings with ceiling fan fixtures.

    There is also a basement that is not finished but is ready to be completed!

    The amenities do not end at the home! It is located minutes away from Bayonne, New Jersey; right by the Bayonne Bridge! There are various schools in the neighborhood for any grade level: P.S.19, P.S.20, P.S.21, P.S.22, P.S.44, I.S.51, Port Richmond High School, St. Adalbert School, and New World Preparatory Charter School. The transportation options also ranges from many different MTA bus lines: S40, S44, S46, S89, S90, S94, and S96.

    For more information about this house, or other Real Estate listings in Staten Island, you can contact Elizabeth Del Priore, licensed Realtor with (718) 966-9669.

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