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Brooklyn Brewery Eyes Staten Island’s West Shore for New Facility

July 29 Brooklyn Commercial Real Estate Economy New York News Real Estate Staten Island Staten Island Real Estate Market Travis Trending Video

A fermented New York City staple is looking to expand across the Narrows.

The Brooklyn Brewery has responded to increasing international demand for its beer with plans to build a large plant outside of densely populated Brooklyn. The company, whose best-known location is in the Williamsburg neighborhood, has applied for a grant to help finance a new, much larger facility. The proposed Staten Island plant would cost $70 million and would require 20 to 25 acres on Staten Island’s West Shore.

Contrary to some complaints against the brewery for not staying native, this would actually bring a more local flavor for the brand. Currently, around 80% of Brooklyn Brewery’s beer is produced upstate at their plant in Utica. The company’s founders were previously unable to find a suitable location for expansion in Brooklyn.

Staten Island’s West Shore was mentioned as an ideal location for the brewery’s expansion because of the available land and proximity to the New York/New Jersey transport system. However, a variety of mid-Hudson regions are still under consideration. If the plant finds a home here, this could mean big business for Staten Island. The new facility would create an estimated 92 full time jobs and 240 construction jobs.

The West Shore already houses the beautified Fresh Kills Park (where a solar panel installation will be built in the future), the yearly Staten Island Economic Development Corporation, The Teleport, and lots of unused land that was nearly converted into a Nascar track. Historically, the region has been devoted industrial activity, notably in the construction material and oil refining sectors.

Founded in 1987, the Brooklyn Brewery began mass production in a former matzo factory. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration announced last week the formation of the NY Craft Brewer Workgroup, with the goal of increasing craft beer production statewide for the international market.

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Top Ten Staten Islanders Whom Became Famous

July 29 Staten Island Top Ten List Trending

Staten Island has been the home of many talented people who made it far in their careers by following their dreams. The most commonly known former residents of Staten Island are Christina Aguilera, Alyssa Milano, and Wu Tang. We want to shed light on other amazing and talented people who are from Staten Island that you may have not known about!

1. Selita Ebanks. Selita moved with her family from Georgetown, Cayman Island, to Staten Island. She attended Curtis High School with the dream of becoming a model. Despite getting teased for her “unrealistic” dream, she became a Victoria’s Secret Angel, as well as a model for other retailers and magazines.


2. Kevin Sussman. Before he was known as Stuart Bloom on The Big Bang Theory, he was a resident on Staten Island. He even attended the College of Staten Island for one year, then transferred and graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Manhattan. He once worked at a comic book store, giving him background knowledge for his Big Bang role.

3. The fellas of ‘Impractical Jokers’. This hilarious show on TruTV is made up of four best friends, all of whom hail from Staten Island. Brain Quinn, James Murray, Joseph Gatto, and Salvatore Vulcano met while all attending Farrell High School. Farrell was the beginning of their comedic pranking adventures. They formed their comedy group known as The Tenderloins. The hidden camera practical joke reality show filmed in New York, Impractical Jokers, began airing in 2011.

4. Colin Jost. Before Seth Meyers passed him the torch as co-anchor for Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, Colin Jost was raised on Staten Island. His mom was a New York City Fire Department Medical Officer and a physician on Staten Island and his dad was a former teacher at Staten Island Technical High School. Colin’s successful journey started at Harvard University, then he became a actor, comedian, screenwriter, and head writer for SNL. He also has a brother, Casey Jost, who is a comedian, musician and head writer for Impractical Jokers!

5. Eric Close. This actor was born and raised on Staten Island. Close’s family moved a lot due to his father’s career as an orthopedic surgeon. They moved from Staten Island to Indiana to Michigan, finally settling in in San Diego. Close decided to become an actor after college, where he hopped from network to network, going from NBC to CBS, and is now currently starring on ABC’s hit drama series Nashville.

6. Tristan Wilds. Born and raised in Staten Island, Tristan Wilds attended Michael J. Petrides. He began acting at the age of seven, mainly landing guest-starring roles on television series. He landed is first major role in HBO’s The Wire in 2006. When that wrapped, he landed the role as Dixon Wilson on The CW’s reboot of 90210.

7. Ingrid Michaelson. She began playing piano at the age of four, training at Manhattan’s Thirds Street School until she was seven years old. Then she continued at the Jewish Community Center of Staten Island’s Dorothy Delson Kuhn Music Institute. She graduated from Staten Island Technical High School. You can now hear her music on the soundtrack of ABC’s hit show, Grey’s Anatomy. You can also hear her new hit song ‘Girls Chase Boys’ on the radio!

8. Mabel Normand. Let’s go back a little in time and mention this Staten Island native who became a successful silent film comedienne and actress. Mabel Normand was born in 1892 and raised in New Brighton, Staten Island. She appeared in a dozen  films with Charlie Chaplin and seventeen with Roscoe “Fatty” Arbukle. She even occasionally wrote and directed films featuring Chaplin, as well as co-writing and co-directing films with Chaplin, while using themselves as leading roles.

9. Jennifer Eposito. Like many of Staten Islanders, Jennifer Esposito was born in Brooklyn before her family moved to Staten Island, where she attended Moore Catholic High School. She began her acting career appearing on Law and Order in 1996. Esposito went on to appear in notable movie titles, such as I Still Know What You Did Last SummerThe Master of Disguise, and Crash. She is currently the spokes person regarding awareness on Celiac Disease and lives a gluten free lifestyle.

10. Dominique Easley. This Staten Island native has recently made his position in the spotlight. Dominique Easley was a star football player at Curtis High School. Upon graduation, he was selected to play in the 2010 Under Armour All-American Game in St. Petersburg, Florida. He attended the University of Florida on an athletic scholarship. This year, the New England Patriots selected him in the first round draft pick. He is now under a 4-year contract with the Massachusetts team!

While we only have room to mention ten celebrated figures, this small island has been the home of many well known and talented individuals. We cannot wait to see who will be next!

Who is your favorite famous Staten Island resident? Share thoughts in the comments below or join our conversation on Facebook!

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Upcoming Staten Island Events During the Second Week of August!

July 28 New York News Staten Island Trending TV Upcoming Events Video

0:18 Conference House Workshops

0:52 Summer Sports Experience at Corporal Thompson Park

1:09 Rides on the Ball field at South Beach

1:36 4th Annual Light Keepers Gala

2:12 Lighthouses of the 21st Century Symposium

2:42 Run or Dye 5k Race

3:16 Believe in Bikram Yoga

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Beautiful South Shore Semi-Detached Home With Open Layout [756 Correll Ave]

July 25 Home for Sale Listings New York Real Estate Rossville Staten Island Trending

In the convenient Rossville neighborhood, there is a one family semi attached colonial home for sale. 756 Correll Ave is a lovely 3 bedroom, 3-bathroom home that has been completely redone. The exterior of the house has a brick front and is surrounded by well-kept landscaping. If you have not fallen in love with this house yet, wait until you read about the open and airy layout within!

Upon opening the white and gold front door, you are greeted by the home’s living room. This beautiful room is spacious with hardwood flooring, ceiling fan fixture, and two-tone painted walls. The ½ bathroom on the first floor can be found in the living room, as well as the French door which grants entry to the basement. The living room has windows that face the front of the home and let in gorgeous light.

Follow the hardwood floors and two-toned painted walls into the next room and you find yourself in the modest dining room. Another ceiling light fixture hangs in this room, ready for you to hang your precious chandelier.

If you love to cook, you will adore this newly renovated kitchen. The large eat-in kitchen has granite countertops, luxurious white cabinets, and stainless steel appliances. The sliding door opens to reveal the deck in the PVC fenced in backyard. The backyard has lots of potential for entertaining!

The three bedrooms, including the master bedroom, are located on the second floor of the home along with the home’s second bathroom. The spacious master bedroom has high ceilings and carpeted floors. Like other rooms in this house, the master has a ceiling light fixture and a large window. The other two bedrooms are both very open with hardwood floors, closet space, and formal windows. The tiled bathroom is large and offers a 4-piece setup.

The finished basement has its own side entrance and includes a family room, office, and quarter bathroom. There is extra storage space with the wooden cabinets and working sink, as well as a laundry and utility room. The home also has an attic.

As we mentioned before, this home is located in a convenient neighborhood. There are schools close by that provide instruction every grade: P.S. 56, I.S. 75, and Tottenville High School. The home has a driveway, but if needed, there are plenty of transit options provided by the MTA: S55, S74, and X17. For easy driving, the home is close by the West Shore Expressway and Korean War Veterans Parkway. If you are a fan of golf, the home is walking distance from the South Shore Golf Course and Country Club!

For more information on this house, or other Real Estate listings in Staten Island, you can contact Geralyn Liverani and Susan Frazier, licensed realtors with, at (718) 966-9669.

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Tech Corner: 3D Printing… The Future of Pizza Delivery

July 25 News Staten Island Tech Corner Trending

Imagine this: it’s late at night, and you are studying your butt off, working on a project, or just laying around watching television. Then suddenly, your stomach rumbles and you realize you are hungry. So you just walk to your computer, and hit print. Your printer will then print out a pizza that is hot with extra cheese and ready to eat! That is 3D printing…well, not quite yet, but that is where it is heading.

Let us take a step back and explain what 3D printing is, for those who are unfamiliar with it. It is a process of making three-dimensional objects by using a data source through additive processes in which layers of materials are laid down all under the control of a computer. This new technology is already making a splash in the medical community and is even making its way to the auto industry. It allows engineers to create complex parts for cars, airplanes, and machines for a fraction of the price and time. What is even more amazing is that doctors are figuring out how to creating fully functioning transplant organs with the printer!

The possibilities do not stop there. Smaller businesses are using it to manufacture products. Real Estate companies are using the 3D renders to make home models. In fact, the Chinese built ten houses in one day with a giant 3D printer and cost them less than $5,000 per house. A company called TwinKind is using the printer to make action figures of their custumers. Even fashion designers are adapting to the printer; the company Butterscotch of Brooklyn is using the printer to make unique jewelry for selling on Esty. Finally, we have NASA, who funded a research project to print pizza!

In the October 2013, NASA funded the SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) program to come up with a 3D printing project that could potentially develop food for astronauts. The printer must provide all the necessary nutrients required for humans, turning raw material to print up food (like pizza). At the beginning of this year, mechanical engineer, Anjan Contractor, won the NASA grant to build his prototype 3D food printer. His printer took advantage of the layering technic by layering ingredients one microscopic layer at a time: the printed pizza is made by printing and baking the dough layer, adding the tomato sauce layer (a stored powder mixed with water and oil), then topped off with the “protein layer” (which can be made from anything from animals to plants). That is one small step for man, and one step giant for pizza!

3D printing can be a positive step into the future, from giving people organs, homes, and even becoming the solutions to world hunger!

What do you think about the 3D printing? We would love to hear your thoughts!  Join our conversation on Facebook.

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Are Property Taxes on the Rise, Despite Mayor’s Claim They Will Not Increase?

July 24 New York News Special Report Staten Island Staten Island Real Estate Market Trending

Once the figures are examined closely, New York City property owners will be facing an increase in their property taxes for the Fiscal Year 2015.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has promised an overall decrease, but his budget does not take into account the ever-changing market value of real estate. As of July 1st, the city’s tax rate went down for classes one, two, and three, while going up 3.5 percent for class four properties. This is something that has not happened in years.

Using a complex mathematical formula to obtain the tax rate, the city splits properties into four classes and the assessed value is measured as per $100:

  • Class One: one, two, and three family homes. This class is shown to drop slightly from $19.191 to $19.156.
  • Class Two: co-ops, condominiums, and rental buildings. Class two also went down from $13.145 to $12.855.
  • Class Three: cover utilities. Class three decreased the most, going from $11.902 to $11.125.
  • Class Four: commercial and industrial property. While this class went up from $10.323 to $10.684.

The most recent city budget estimates a total collection of $22.6 billion for the Fiscal Year 2013. Compared with the previous year’s $21.3 billion, this accounts for an increase of over 6 percent.

The city sets a tax price by multiplying the total assessed value to the tax rate. Then the city council splits up the total share between what each of the classes owe. Since the increase cannot be over 5 percent, the council usually lowers the 5-percent caps each year, which is a good thing for homeowners who fall under class one.

The biggest chunk of the gross tax fee increase will be for commercial property owners, including offices, factories, warehouses, and parking garages. The class four properties are up nearly 11 percent. Despite the flat tax rate, tax critics and experts claim it is difficult to support any arguments that state that tax bills are not going up.

The city council says that the rates for classes one, two, and three more than likely went down because of the vastly growing market rate for commercial properties over residential real estate. This will cause the increase in tax bills because the state cap taxes for certain classes. For example: class one properties cannot increase over 6 percent each year or 20 percent every five years. While the market value declines, homeowners are often paying for it. Which means in the end, city taxpayers will pay more money, despite the Mayor’s promises that the taxes will not go up.

It is said that taxes are going up because the city is spending more money. The rest of the state has a 2 percent cap on tax levy increases instead of rate increases. Evidently, if the city also took up the levy cap, it would prevent our unpredicted tax bill rise or fall.

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Water Main Break Continues Leaking Fresh Water onto New Dorp Street

July 23 New Dorp Special Report Staten Island Trending Video

A water main break in Staten Island continues to leak fresh water into the streets, even after complaints have been made to the city.

New Dorp’s Beacon Avenue currently sports a steady trickle of tap water, which extends roughly from the street’s dead end, to the intersection of Luigi Place. According to a tip from an anonymous source, the pipe began leaking into the street about two months ago.

The Department of Environmental Protection has already been sent to investigate the broken pipe, as evidenced by the cones, plywood and hurdle.

In addition to losing a constant stream of fresh water, the water supply on Beacon Avenue also runs the risk of contamination. The broken water pipe is no longer protected from debris in the ground and on the streets. Sediment and even microorganisms can make their way into the tap water if ground pipes are left broken. In extreme cases, ruptured underground pipes can cause the ground above to collapse.

The city has raised their water rates every year by varying degrees since 1995. The 3.35% rate hike implemented this year, which took effect on July 1st, will bring median household water rates from $991 to $1,024 annually.

Though an attempt was made by the DEP to remedy the problem, which stemmed the flow noticeably, a steady stream continues flowing into the street while the break remains unattended to.

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Upcoming Staten Island Events During the End of July and Beginning of August!

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July 22 New York News Staten Island Trending Trending TV Upcoming Events Video

0:18 July 28th and July 30th– Conference House Workshops, Arm Knitting and Music Making

0:54 July 29th – August 1st: SummerStage Concert and Performance Series

2:05 South Beach Sunset Family Festivals, through August 31st

2:39 August 3rd– Dog Days of Summer Hike

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Top Ten Affordable and Enjoyable Summer Activities to Try!

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July 22 New York Staten Island Top Ten List Trending

Are you feeling left out on all the vacationing fun? If you’ve decided to stay local because your piggy bank feels light, there is no need to deprive yourself from an awesome summer! Here are the top ten things you can do without even leaving your hometown:

1. Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches. You can make these by yourself or invite friends over. The great thing about making them instead of buying already made ones means you can make them the way you want: be creative! Click here for some unique ice cream sandwich ideas.

2. Homemade Popsicles. Not into ice cream? Don’t sweat it. You and your friends can try these delicious Popsicle recipes!

3. Movie Night. With the price of movie tickets rising, skip the trip and have movie night right in your house. Invite friends over, pop popcorn, throw blankets and pillows down on the floor, and enjoy summer classics. Our personal favorites are Roman Holiday, Grease, or any ‘80s movies that are on Netflix instant play.

4. Put avocado on everything! Avocados are in season and have plenty of health benefits. Add them to your favorite dishes, or make up a new recipe that includes avocados.

5. Disconnect from your phone and Internet. As impossible as this seems, we know you can do it. Shut down your computer and phone for one weekend and just relax. By Monday morning, you will feel like you went on a vacation without even going away.

6. Plan a camping trip, in your own backyard. If you are an outdoorsy person, you will enjoy this mini-vacation. Have a camping trip right in the comfort of your home. Float in your pool, cook on your grill, sit around the fire pit, then pitch a tent and sleep outside. Enjoy the outdoors and warm weather with your friends or children. Don’t forget the insect repellent! (This is the perfect excuse to disconnect from electronics. Get the full experience of camping!)

7. Organize a Scavenger Hunt. Challenge your friends to find different things around town. You can use our Facebook Trivia and Aerial View facts on Facebook, or a previous Top Ten list to organize and make clues for a Staten Island themed hunt!

8. Start a book club. Gather your bookworm friends, make a reading list schedule and an available day for you all to meet and discuss the book. Make it a propriety to bring drinks or food that are themed from the current book! (Not a reader? Start any sort of club your friends and you can enjoy together: cards, sewing, scrapbooking, etc.)

9. Host a potluck dinner party. Throw a dinner party! Invite all your friends and have them bring a homemade dish to share. It is a great way to get a taste of new food while everyone is chipping in.

10. Spend an entire day at a park (or beach). This is a great escape without even going far. Take this opportunity to explore parks your have not been too. Pack your meals and stay out the whole day. Look into the the event schedules, since the park/beach may be holding free concerts or movie screenings!

What are your affordable and enjoyable summer plans? Share your thoughts in the comments below or join our conversation on Facebook!

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Tech Corner: Will Amazon Drones get the Green Light to Take Off?

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July 18 News Tech Corner Trending

Amazon announced last year their plan to acquire drones for deliveries. It was such a tease, considering we were all out pounding the pavement for holiday shopping when the announcement was made. But the future of Amazon’s vision still seems blurry. What exactly is going on?

The online marketplace wants to use drones to deliver packages in 30 minutes or less. The Amazon Prime Air would be an aerial vehicle able to travel over 50 miles per hour and carry up to a 5-pound packages. This makes sense, considering 86% of Amazon’s deliveries are 5 pounds or less. For avid online shoppers, this new technology could be a dream come true!

As magical as this idea seems, there is a major hurdle that the little flying messengers must clear. That hurdle is known as the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA has an Unmanned Aircraft System (U.A.S) document that may leave Amazon’s drone idea foundering before it even takes off.

Here are some issues from the document that are taking place:

  • “Delivering packages using a drone is not legal.”- While the FAA document did not mention Amazon specifically, it does state that businesses are subject to regulations that prohibit the commercial use of drones.
  • “Delivering packages to people for a fee” – This section of the document declares that even if shipping is free, or offered as part of a purchase, it is still considered a violation of the commercial use provision. A lawyer who specializes in drones, Brendan Schulman, says the FAA is trying to assert its authority by restating that these kinds of uses are not permitted.
  • This past spring, the Federal Appeals Court judge ruled that the FAA drone regulation is not valid. Since the agency did not ask for the public’s comment when initially drafting the drone rules, which is a federal requirement, the document has not been approved. The agency will reportedly publish new rules on drones by 2015. This has not stopped developers from joining the race and beginning production for what is to be predicted to be a multi-million dollar market.

Amazon’s Vice President of Global Public Policy, Paul Misener, says that these minor hiccups will not affect their plans. “We are continuing to work with the FAA to meet Congress’s goal of getting drones flying commercially in America safely and soon.” Amazon plans on conducting its research and development on these delivery drones close to their home in Seattle, Washington. The testing will take place over private property and will be away from military areas and airports.

We are in Amazon’s (Tech)Corner, counting down the days until drone deliveries are a reality! If not, can we start training pets owls, Harry Potter style?

Are you excited about this flight into the future? We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic! Join our conversation on Facebook.

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Image sources: mashable, toddebert.typepad, gifak

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